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Girls are surrounded by expectations. We’re expected to be thin, fit, and beautiful. These expectations have limits though.

If we’re thin, we can’t be too thin, and only in certain places. Our waist must be thin, but if our boobs or butts are too small…  we’re automatically out. If we’re fit, we must not be too fit. We can’t have arms that are too big, and our physique can’t be seen as ‘manly’.The word beautiful is typically dependent  on whatever society deems is beautiful, and even then, it’s subjective.

Our entire life we’ve been told to meet these standards. The media reinforces this by only  featuring “pretty” people in magazines, and only giving platforms to those who fit the mold. Celebrities are altering their bodies to continue to fit in and meet these societally constructed expectations, proven by how  the cosmetic surgery industry is booming. Lip injections, botox, liposuction, butt lifts, breast implants , face lifts… I could go on forever. This industry is capitalizing on the insecurities of people everywhere. The newest trend is changing your body, simply to fit the mold that society has deemed best.  Twenty years ago, thin was in, and now, curvy is the latest trend.

    Simply put, it’s exhausting to be a woman in the 21st century.

When is acceptance going to be ‘in’? When will we be able to look at every body type, every hair style, every nose, waist and butt as beautiful? These are the questions I urge you to ask yourself. When everyone is trying to fit in, I dare you to make yourself the next trend.

Madison Andrade is a senior studying Political Science at Arizona State University. Her favorite pastimes are reading, playing piano and rough-housing with her Great Dane puppies! She aspires to make a positive change in one person's life, every day. If you have any questions for Madison, feel free to email her at: maandra3@asu.edu.
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