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Jennifer Salgado

Name: Jennifer Salgado

Year: Sophomore

Major: Criminal Justice

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Relationship Status: Taken

Describe your ideal first date.

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve dated but, my ideal first date would be a nice simple dinner in order to break the ice with the other person. This instead of focusing on how or what you should be doing.

What has been the most exciting moment in your life so far?

My first big tax return!

Celebrity crushes?

Ryan Gosling and Beyoné. She’s so hot.

Biggest pet peeve?

Lying. I just can’t stand it.

Why criminal justice?

To get by and make some money. But in all seriousness, I love the career and can’t see myself doing something else. I’m very protective of my family as far as me being the head of my household, so I’ve always felt a pull towards this career.

One thing you want to do before graduating?

Work up the courage to do the Undie Run!

Your guilty pleasure?


Favorite songs?

No Scrubs by TLC, Independent Woman Part 1 by Destiny’s Child, and Yo No Sé Mañana by Luis Enrique. These three songs are my all time favorite. Something about them just makes me feel so empowered and motivated.

Favorite food?

Ah, I love food! But chicken wings take the number one spot! It all depends on my mood as to which flavor I order but, half of my order always has to be honey barbeque with a side of blue cheese ranch. 

Hello everybody! My name is Evelyn Espinoza, I am a junior at ASU majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Spanish for the Professions! I love blogging, shopping, spending time with friends & family, and my favorite color is purple! Feel free to follow me on:Twitter: @eespino92Instagram: @evelyn1092 
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