Jazmine Nash wins Phoenix Fashion Week’s Spring Into Style Fashion show with her Spring Trend “All Doll’d Up”

Earlier this month Phoenix fashion week held their annual Runway Trend show “Spring into Style.” Six budding stylists each had the chance to showcase their Spring trend as well as compete for the coveted title of “Stylist of the Year.”


“Who doesn’t love bragging rights? Am I right?”


Many attendees thought that the stylist Ashley Paige would win given she has won in the past with her Spring trend “80’s Fashion.” Another majority of attendees believed that Beth Yohanny was going to win because she had won the “best editorial trend photo” according to Phoenix Fashion Week’s Facebook page leading up to the event.

“Beth Yohany, best editorial photo, white on white” Image on Phoenix Fashion Week’s Facebook March 18, 2019.


Jazmine Nash took home the title at the end of the night with her Spring trend “All Doll’d up.” According to Nash her trend All Doll’d up “is about finding glam and you can be All Doll’d up whether you are in the business you are going out you are lounging in the house or you or having a sexy evening,” Nash stated during the Spring into Style press conference.


Nash then went on to say that she was “inspired by a lot because I am into street fashion and I am into couture.” Nash during the press conference then spoke about the people that inspire her such as  “Rihanna and Tanna Taylor: I think are awesome, I like how they can be street, they can be tomboyish and they can be glam and I think that is important for a female is just to be able to blend and look like a chameleon in different looks.”  

Image: PopSugar


During the fashion show, Nash’s looks won smiles and stares from the audience. Many attendees were mesmerized by the wow factor each of her looks had. They were all frilly, girly, princess-looking, while other looks were a mix of tomboyish street fashion and couture. Many of her looks have a similar aesthetic to the wives outfits in the Jonas Brother’s latest song release “Sucker”.


Jonas Brother’s Wives Outfits in new “Sucker” music video. Image Courtesy of Heart  107.1 FM https://iheartuae.com/2019/03/02/the-jonas-brothers-are-back-and-so-are-the-jsisters/


Not to mention that she was the only stylist to have a pony come out with one of the models. The crowd of people in attendance were the ones that voted for the stylist they believed should win. It’s hard to tell what won the crowd over more; the cute pony or the similar aesthetic to the popular song “Sucker.”


One of Jazmine Nash’s model’s and pony, Image taken by: Angel Jimenez on Saturday, Mar. 23, 2019.


Either way Nash took home the title and it will be interesting to see how people incorporate Nash’s trend “All Doll’d Up,” this Spring here in Phoenix.