Interview with Kristen from HC Gonzaga

Meredith Leggero, HC ASU's marketing director, had the opportunity to interview Kristen Jost from our sister chapter, HC Gonzaga. Meredith got the inside scoop on life, school, and her favorites. 

1. Name, Major/Minor, Hometown, Position on Exec Board?

Kristen Jost, Communication Studies major/Promotions minor from Snohomish, WA, Social Media Director for HC GU.

2. Favorite band or singer? 


3. Favorite hang out spot on campus?

Amphitheater by Lake Arthur, (when the weather is nice)!

4. Favorite dessert? 

Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting!

5. Favorite thing you've read or wrote about on Her Campus Gonzaga? 

Last year I wrote an article about the movie, How to be Single after seeing it in theaters. After seeing the movie, I felt really compelled to share with others how important it is to be alone sometimes and to be able to love yourself before committing to a relationship. I really believe that it's okay to be by yourself sometimes - it's healthy even. 

6. Tell us one secret about Her Campus Gonzaga that nobody else would know! 

One of our CCs and founding members of this chapter (Macy Conant) is graduating this May - finishing her degree in only 3 years and graduating with honors! We are going to miss her like crazy but know she will do great things in the "real world". 

7. Favorite childhood TV show? 

Clifford the Big Red Dog

8. How are you active on campus? 

I am active on campus through participating in intramural soccer each semester, working with the Center for Global Engagement (office of study abroad) to promote the study abroad program I participated in last semester, in Denmark, and by being an advocate for Her Campus GU (we are still in the process of becoming an official campus-recognized club).