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Megan Charles

I’m a stereotypical Capricorn, and here’s why

My birthday is at the end of December, and if you didn’t guess it, I will reassure your assumption: I’m a Capricorn. What’s even worse is that I enjoy working and staying busy. I enjoy reading books and working on my own, in private. I’m not a hater of change (I’ve moved three times), but I do enjoy the change that is under my control, and for myself. 

You might ask, “What is it like, JP,  being work-hungry?” Let me tell you that when I say that I am feeling tired, just know that I will keep working until I fall asleep at my desk. Just know that I never feel good enough and constantly need to better myself. I love learning new things and just knowing information, but I also struggle with confidence with presenting what I know. I like to think I’m a good balance between an introvert and extrovert, but I do find myself shutting down and shutting away for multiple days after a big social event, or after work (I work at a bar). 

The stereotype that Capricorns are overly serious is absolutely true because I do present myself in a serious way and enjoy having intellectual conversations. I am notorious for being named an ‘old soul’ because of the things I like: black coffee, books on philosophy, why the newspaper is interesting to see how dated news can be before it reaches the people, just to name a few things. I like watching TED talks and people-watching in crowded areas, but who doesn’t? 

Granted, I could just have different interests than my peers, but those are the Capricorn stereotypes that I fulfill. Yes, it’s okay to roast me on it. Yes, my family most likely has already beaten you to it. And yes, I do have multiple jobs. 

What are the stereotypes that you match with your sign? Let me know below, or in my DMs. My socials are linked in my profile. 

JP is a born and raised Midwesterner, but now calls the desert home. She is a Junior studying English, Spanish Linguistics, and Media Analysis. 
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