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If You Don’t Like True Crime, Try These Spooky Podcasts

  1. Across The Veil

Hosted by Zelda and Emma, “Across the Veil” will introduce you to fun new cryptids and folklore. The fun discussion-style introductions to new creatures and myths are what make “Across the Veil” shine. My personal favorite is the Baobhan Sith, which inspired my Halloween costume this year! Definitely check it out. Plus, it’s fun to learn of all the spooky ladies in folklore. 

  1. Unobscured

Currently in its 4th season, “Unobscured” takes a closer look at spooky topics. Each season is a deep dive into a topic, complete with historian interviews. “Unobscured” has covered The Salem Witch Trials, Spiritualism in the 1800s, and Jack the Ripper. The current season is exploring the life of Rasputin. If you’re interested in spooky history, this is the podcast for you.

  1. Lore

“Lore” comes from Aaron Mahnke, who also hosts “Unobscured.” Lore feels like sitting around a campfire listening to ghost stories. A mix of cryptids, ghost stories, urban legends, and folklore, Lore is always a good listen. Some episodes have even been adapted to television and can be watched on Amazon Prime. 

  1. American Hysteria

I love a good look at moral panics! This podcast is similar to “You’re Wrong About,” but with a spookier focus. This is a solo narrated podcast hosted by Chelsey Weber Smith. Covering haunted houses, razor blades sharing the basket with drugged Halloween candy, horror movie tropes, and more, “American Hysteria” takes a look at what we’re afraid of and digs to find out why.

  1. Dark History with Bailey Sarian” 

You may know Bailey Sarian from her extremely popular YouTube series “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup Mondays” in which she tells the audience about a true-crime story while doing her makeup. “Dark History” is Sarian’s newest venture into podcasting. “Dark History” episodes are less true crime and more social issues and creepy history. 

Michaela Steele is a senior at ASU Online, studying Mass Communications with a Women&Gender Studies minor. Michaela enjoys writing, going to concerts, and binge watching David Attenborough documentaries. She aspires to work in music PR. She's passionate about intersectional feminism, discussing philosophy, and analyzing media. Feel free to reach her at: [email protected]
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