I Don’t Write About Politics; and I’m a Political Science Major

Being a political science major, I’m constantly learning about the inner workings of politics- how Congress works, what the bureaucracy does, and what the words ‘Democrat’ and ‘Republican’ really mean. So you might think, “Wow! That girl must have a lot to say about politics” when in reality it couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m the type of person who will sit in a room filled with people debating political controversies, and I’ll stay quiet. I won’t make a sound. The reason for this is complicated.

I grew up in a mainly conservative household, with most of my family members being largely outspoken on their beliefs. These beliefs led to many, many arguments. I would always get involved, speak my peace, and raise my voice. This almost always resulted in screaming- and then tears. When I went to college, I learned how funny this process was. People tend to get so up in arms about their political beliefs. I learned that this was because politics are personal. Everyone holds different ideologies, and these ideologies are things they grew up with, experienced, or constantly told themselves. Everyone holds their political views extremely close to their heart.

Image result for trump and hillary arguing gifFor this reason, I keep quiet. Unless asked directly , I will not tell people what I believe. Most people solely want to argue with you and prove to you why you are wrong. It’s not that I feel uneducated, just that I cannot change your mind, and I don’t want to! Opinions are a wonderful, individualized thing, and I would never want to take that from anyone.

Image result for writeSo therefore, I don’t write about politics, and barely talk about them. I encourage everyone to educate themselves, and find their own beliefs. Refrain from shoving your beliefs down others throats and don’t try to prove people wrong. Simply offer them resources to educate themselves and shut up! That’s the motto I live by.