How To Study Smarter Not Harder

It’s about that time of year again…

Finals are coming up and if you’re like me, you are beginning to get into a state of panic trying to finish up projects, get your grades together, and prepare for all those tests. Don’t worry as long as you study effectively you can stay relaxed without having to cram the night before a big test. So here’s some tips that I’ve learned…

1. Study over a period of time.

Sure we have all done it right before a big test, you study the night before, but sadly this rarely works. Try studying over a period of three sessions, if not more, so you can be more relaxed before a big test.

2. Eliminate distractions.

Where you study at is important. I recommend going to a library, or somewhere quiet to stay focused, less distractions the better. Also don’t forget to turn off the phone.

3. Rewrite your notes

 Quiz yourself especially on topics that you are not 100% sure about.

4. Take breaks!

This can be especially helpful when you have multiple classes you will be tested on! Taking breaks can help relax you and put you at ease. Try studying for thirty minutes, but take a five minute break- maybe listen to a song or play on your phone.

5. Make some flashcards! 

Take what you find are topics you find most important so you can review.

6. Bring a snack. Drink water.

Enough said. 

7. Most importantly: relax.

After a long study session take a hot shower or bath or go for a walk. Breathe. You got this!