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As we transition from quarantine to college, our lives significantly get busier. All of a sudden, we go from being isolated at home with nothing to do, to being at school, either physically or virtually, trying to manage homework, studying, and exams all at once. Simultaneously, we are attempting  to figure out how to stay connected in a socially distanced world. This is understandably an overwhelming time for students. To maintain your sanity, take time to prioritize yourself.

Not to be cliché, but these legitimately are unprecedented times. Everyone has been affected by COVID in some way or another. 2020 has been, and still is, stressful. It may be hard to find the motivation and energy to do work again, and that’s okay! No matter where you are in your life right now, make sure to set aside time for yourself.

Balancing work, school, friends, and family is exhausting enough. Balancing all of that during the current times is another mental strain in itself. Life is crazier than ever before with having to deal with college, a global pandemic, and the uncertainty of the future. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and breathe. Preserving your mental health is essential to success and avoiding burnout. For that reason, planning self-care into your routine is vital.

[bf_image id="q7218m-dhebm8-2wajx0"] Self-care isn’t just having a spa day and watching Netflix. While it certainly can be that, self-care is also whatever you make of it. So, take a break! Do whatever you want!

It may sound counterproductive to schedule in time to do nothing, but that time may just be what you need. Self-care can take the form of anything as long as you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself. Some suggestions include:

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  • Starting or ending the day watching the sunrise or sunset with a cup of coffee or tea
  • Going for a walk outside to get some fresh air and a clear mind
  • Taking a long hot shower or bath for some peace and quiet
  • Watching your favorite movie or tv show with a cozy blanket

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  • Meditating or doing yoga to recenter yourself Treating yourself (getting your nails done, having dessert, etc.)
  • Taking a nap (because sleep is important!) J
  • ournaling- maybe even start a bullet journal if you’re artsy like that
  • Listening to music
Ashlyn Robinette is a student journalist based in Phoenix, Arizona. She majors in journalism and mass communication with a minor in digital audiences at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and Barrett, The Honors College, at Arizona State University. She is also the editorial director of UNIA Magazine.
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