How To Get Ready In a Hurry

Running Late? I got you.

We’ve all been there, you slept through your alarm clock and are now late for school, work, etc. But I have got the perfect advice for trying to get ready in a hurry and still look put together.

The key for finding a good outfit is to stick to the basics. I usually stick to a plain white t-shirt, and dark jeans. Usually these are two staple pieces, and when paired with booties, they can look like you spent more time on your outfit then you did.

When doing hair and makeup, I personally like to keep it simple. Usually there’s no time to shower so I opt for a dry shampoo and spray that into my hair, just rub it in with your  fingers and use a brush to brush it out, and your done! If your hair is still super messy and there’s no time to straighten or curl it just do a quick side braid.

For makeup I like to simplify and stick to the necessities. My go to is a tinted moisturizer, mascara, brow pencil, and lipstick. I recommend to find a BB cream, that is your skin tone, as it will even out your complexion and moisturize at the same time. In this scenario it will be your best friend. Just blend the BB cream in with your fingers. Next fill in your brows with a brow pencil, and put on some mascara. Apply lipstick, try a bright pink color when running late as it will draw attention to your mouth instead of eyes and make you appear to be more awake. Next you just have to head out the door!