Goodbye Heat, Hello Cold!

Hot chocolate and fluffy outfits—-it’s time for the cold! I know this sounds all too much like winter stuff and December seems a little too far off but in Arizona, there really are only two seasons. It’s either way too hot or way too cold so I just tend to sum it up as summer and winter. But! That doesn’t mean I ignore the other seasons (well, with spring I sorta do). I actually usually look forward to most of them, including fall!

Not only does it have Halloween, one of the greatest holidays of all time (besides Christmas), but it has the beautiful beginning to weather that doesn’t make you wanna melt into a puddle. It also gives me the perfect excuse for why I’m drinking hot chocolate. Summer has never stopped me, but the amount of weird looks I get? Unbelievable.

But as I was saying, when you live in Arizona and the heat makes you want to just curl up into a raisin and die, the colder weather makes it feel like you are in heaven. Plus, there’s the outfits!

I may have the worst fashion skills in the world (a baby could dress better) but when it’s cold, it’s just so damn easy! It’s great! Pop on a cute sweater, some nice jeans, fluffy boots and bam—-you’re instantly a model. I freaking love it.

I’m telling you, in a state that makes you crisp like bacon, fall can excite you. I finally get that feeling of curling up in a blanket after a cold day with my cozy little hot chocolate and honestly, I think that’s the feeling I miss most of all. I mean there’s pumpkin spice too (it actually tastes like someone dropped a pumpkin in there) but I’m more of a chocolate gal.

Alright, I may be exaggerating the cold just a tad, after all I’m in a desert, but being so used to the heat, 70 is probably enough to make me shiver. Can you blame me? Twelve years in AZ and a couple cold currents could make it feel like a snowstorm. It just doesn’t take a lot to make me reach for a sweater. Maybe that’s just me or the Arizonan in me, but it can’t change how excited I am for the cold!

Finally after several sweaty months where pit stains were an immediate problem the minute I went out, I can relax now. Are you ready for the temperature drop? Cause I am!