Five Songs That Make Trying A Little Easier

Trying something new can be a whole eye-opening experience in and of itself. Haircuts, clothing, and even personality changes are something worth giving a try. But making a positive or negative change does affect the people around you, so please don’t make any drastic changes unless you’re in the right headspace and mindset. Self depreciation is a dangerous game to play.

Here are some songs to help make trying something new a little easier:

1. “Try” by Colbie Calliat

Colbie Calliat is an absolutely amazing artist when she writes love songs. This was one of the free songs on the iTunes store I downloaded when I was younger. The lyrics are powerful in that they validate one’s portrayal of themselves as already beautiful. Don’t let anyone else tell you differently.

2.“Give Yourself A Try” by The 1975

The 1975 has been part of my life since I was in junior high. Especially this song because it reminds me that people are hurting in other ways as well; that there is more than what meets the eye. 

3. "Try” by P!nk

P!nk has been slaying the music industry since early 2000 when she released “Get The Party Started” and she was first entering her “bad girl” phase. Her sound has changed through the years and hit an all-time high when she recorded “Just Give Me A Reason” alongside Nate Ruess of Fun. “Try” is a song about picking yourself up, learning from your mistakes, and trying again. The end of the world is not near if you don’t let it feel that way.

4.“Why Try?” by Ariana Grande

Queen Ari never fails to disappoint, but this song is absolutely a disappointing love story with a Stockholm syndrome feeling. When there is comfort in the highs and lows in relationships, why try to leave then? It’s okay to be comfortable in relationships, but it’s also okay to want and seek better. You’re worth more than you know and are should be given more love than you think you deserve.

5. “Give Me A Try” by The Wombats

You know the band that has a famous song on TikTok about smashing mics in karaoke bars? They have other songs as well! This one is about hyping yourself up to another person to show how amazing you are. There is a new hope and sense of adventure he portrays in his words that are meant to be intriguing to the other person. The song fills you with adventure, validity, and a desire to work toward the best version of yourself. Always.

Picking yourself up, restoring your confidence, and giving yourself a “try” seems as if it defies all odds. It’s a laborious task, but we are all worthy of a good time and positive vibes.