The Five Almost Friends You’ll Make (and lose) Your First Semester of College

The transition to college is a whirlwind. In a matter of days, your quiet summer is replaced with absolute chaos. In between new roommates, incessant party invites, and clubs, it seems like just about everyone wants to be your new best friend. Some of these people stick around for years, while others drift quietly out of your life by the end of the semester. However, this might not be a bad thing. Here are the five characters you’re guaranteed to run into during your first semester of college.

  • The Elusive Roommate
    • You live together, but only on paper. Every fact she presents you with only seems to raise more questions. You’re not 100% sure she even goes to the same school as you. It’s during your third week living ‘together’ that you begin to suspect CIA involvement. 
  • The Distant Boyfriend
    • This is the guy your roommate brings by twice a week. You know his name and that he likes Diet Pepsi and not much else. The one time she left you two alone was so brutally uncomfortable you considered leaving before you remembered you technically live there and he technically doesn’t.
  • The Overachiever
    • The Overachiever seems to enter your life in a cloud of glitter and adoration. They’re quick to casually mention the five clubs they chair for and the time they saved baby orcas from near death. During the first month of getting to know them, you feel like you befriended a small senator. It’s only when you’re introducing them to your friend that you realize you don’t know anything about them other than the fact that you’d probably vote for them if they decided to run for mayor. 
  • The Frat Connection
    • The Frat Connection has about a 30% chance of being named ‘Chad’ or some variant of that. He adds you on Snapchat almost immediately and spends the better half of the semester sending you addresses to parties you never go to. After offering him a polite ‘bro nod’ in the dining hall, your friend asks you how you know each other…you have no idea.
  • The Money Moocher
    • This is the guy you never remember actually inviting anywhere but without fail, he’s always there at every inopportune moment. If he’s not climbing into your Uber with empty promises to “totally pay you back” he’s bumming an order of fries off you at Whataburger. He says he’s hypoglycemic… a likely story. 



Article written by Sarah Alcantar.