Fall Break? Do Something You’ve Never Done Before (In AZ)!

It’s time for what we have all been waiting for: Fall Break! I know it’s no month-long winter break and technically it’s only one day we’re getting off if you subtract the weekend and Columbus Day but... it’s something. Right?

Anyways, for our short but very needed break, a lot of us now have time to breathe for a second. Classes really know how to pound a bit of our spirit away so now with our time off, we can regenerate! So think of all those times you wanted to do something but couldn’t because of a project or homework or the times you promised yourself you would one day. Well, that time is now! For those who live in Arizona or just don’t have the chance to go back to your home state, I’ve got some recommendations! Even the desert has got its own fun things to do.

  1. 1. Arizona State Fair

    I couldn’t resist! I just had to remind everyone to not miss the state fair. If you’re in the mood for fried everything (I’m pretty sure I saw fried ice cream once), and screaming your little heart out in a killer ride, the fair is the perfect place! I even heard there’s a coliseum with sea lions and a grand stand that offers monster truck shows! I definitely need to cross that off my bucket list so it looks like I know where I’m going.

    Location: 1826 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85007

    Open from Oct. 4 - 27

  2. 2. Tacotopia

    Honestly, how can you go wrong with tacos? Tacotopia shows with even a whole freaking building inspired by tacos, nothing can go wrong! In Tempe Marketplace, their exhibit would make any taco lover die of excitement. You’re offered chips and a hot sauce sample bar, a large bowl of “guacamole” to literally jump into and of course—tacos. And if you need some insta-worthy moments, Tacotopia has got you covered with 30 different rooms! Let me leave you with two last words that will surely convince you to go: mechanical taco!

    Location: 2000 E Rio Salado Pkwy #1024, Tempe, AZ 85281

  3. 3. Desert Botanical Garden

    A desert might just seem like a pile of dirt with a few cacti. But the Desert Botanical Garden is here to prove you wrong! Filled with dozens of exhibits that demonstrate the beautiful plant life and animal life the desert has to offer, one can definitely feel at peace with nature here. Asan ASU student, you’re able to get a free admissions pass from any of the campuses! Determine how many are available here and go out there and smell the cacti!

    Location: 1201 N Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85008

  4. 4. Colossal Cave Mountain Park

    I can assure you as a past visitor myself, one won’t regret exploring these caves. Down below lie all kinds of rock shapes and colors that are bound to catch your attention, and with a tour guide leading the way, .you’ll learn all about a natural formation that has resisted time. Different tours are offered including ones where you strap on those cool-looking helmets with lamps and go on to climb up ladders and squeeze through crevices to discover the rarely seen. So if you are feeling adventurous , go down into the Colossal Caves!

    Location: 16721 E Old Spanish Trail, Vail, AZ 85641

There are so many things to do in dusty Arizona whether it’s a rocky adventure or riding on a mechanical taco, it feels like a never-ending list. So don’t be too down if you get stuck in this funny little state. I promise, the desert has a lot more to offer than you think!