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Easy on-the-go hair styles

Not having the best hair day or always on the move, what ever the delema is, styling hair can be easy and fast! Here are some fast and easy ways to achieve bomb hair from the first cup of coffee of the day, until the make up comes off at night. 


From french and fishtail, to twist and dutch, braids are a way to style hair that was slept on or if one is not having the best hair day. Braids are also beneficial if one had just taken a shower and does not have the time to dry hair or style it with any tools. Braiding wet hair creates a wavy, beach-like texture, that can be an easy fix for any on-the-go diva. 

Photo: Cute Girls Hairstyles


For an instant fluff of clean, spraying dry shampoo over greasy hair roots is just like magic. In seconds, hair can transfrom back into non-greasy gorgeousness. Dry shampoo is also a good subsitute if one’s hair shape is on point, but needs a little bit of love.

Photo: Molly Cranna


Fresh beach waves with spritz of sea salt never dissapoint. With TRESemmé’s Perfectly (un) Done Sea Salt Spray and Wave Creation SeaFoam, creating waves fresh off the beach becomes so much faster and easier. With hair products like TRESemmé’s, they can easily create and or fix flaws in hair and create a new style in record time.

Photo: Anh Co Tran


Up, on the side, down low, or in the middle, pony tails can be rocked in any way thought possible. Being one of the fastest bad hair day fixes, they are the base to most any other updo. By adding a favorite hair tie or incorporating a stylish hair band, pony tails can be easily spruced up and rocked effortlessly with any cute or casual outfit. 



Photo: http://www.brit.co/twisted-hairstyles/


Taking one step deeper into hair styling than the pony tail, this loose and easy bun can be achieved by pulling through the pony tail half way through the hair tie. This fast style can be achieved as a quick fix on-the-go, or even quickly before one leaves. 



Photo: Byrdie



Top knots and hair buns are two ways for those on-the-go would love if they do not want to deal with hair all day. By basically throwing up the hair in a pony and twisting it around and closing off with a hair tie, top knots are the go to and perfect solution for a horrible hair day, remodeled into fantastic fun day. 


Photo: Baby Bohemian Blog 

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