Dreaming about getting away

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Arizona State University values inclusiveness. It doesn't brag about the number of students it keeps out. With such a high acceptance rate and nearly 70,000 students, it's easy to feel overwhelmed of all of the opportunities available to you. While this may be true of freshman and those just coming to our grand school, sometimes it isn't that easy. Once routine sets it, it's easy to feel like you may be wanting something more. Transfer schools? No. You're already so far in your education, and your program is really good. Sound familiar? Many students start to feel burned out towards the end of their undergraduate career. But there's an easier answer to freshening up your education without switching schools - study abroad.

Studying abroad is the perfect break for adventure that you're looking for. You get to meet new people and see a new city all while continuing your education at ASU. Of course, going off to another country can be intimidating at first, so in order to make it real, you need a plan. First start by deciding where to go. Does your degree program not offer the city you wanted? CEA Study Abroad has a solution for that. They offer countless destinations for students to go with itineraries that work around your class schedule. Once you choose one of their destinations, it's time to think about what to bring. CEA made this awesome infographic to help students start thinking about what to pack.

Researching the climate of the area will help you plan your trip accordingly. Sometimes, looking forward to a new change can distract a burned out student so close to finals week. After researching what to pack, we getting everything you need together. Do you have your electrical converters? A cell phone plan to check in on your parents? What about the CEA app? The app has a built in city map, unit converter, and Google translate tool. Buying the items ahead of time and familiarizing yourself with the app now will save you the stress of doing it during finals week. 

While study abroad seems like an awesome getaway from your routine, women must also be prepared for something that is often overlooked: safety. Many ASU students have had their cell phones or even wallets stolen while studying abroad. We suggest ditching your purse and carrying something less noticeable.

This Vera Bradley wallet is just big enough to carry your essentials. That way, your passport and other vital items can stay locked in your room while you go out. Students can use the keyring to clip it to themselves or keep a tight hold to prevent thieves from taking off with it.

Items like these are vital to surviving the spring semester. If you're stuck in a mid-semester burn out, think about studying abroad. In the mean time, look out for item like these in future Her Campus ASU giveaways!