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Do’s and Don’ts of European Fashion


Ciao! Some of you may know that I am currently studying abroad in Rome, Italy, and for those of you who did not know, well, now you know. By being abroad I can confirm that fashion has a whole new meaning here than it does in the United States. Not only do trends hit Europe first, but the presentation of oneself from day to day differs here from the average American’s day to day presentation. For all you trendsetters out there, I am here to point out some do’s and don’ts of European fashion and hopefully lend you some insight on soon to be upcoming trends within the USA. 


1. DO purchase a pair of Timberland Boots

I know what you are thinking, “I don’t want to look like a lumber jack.” Trust me. I felt the same way. I was shocked to see everyone and their mom wearing these boots. Not only women, but men as well! I hated these boots for the longest time. Recently though, I have grown a strange liking to them. Maybe because they are all anyone wears here or maybe because they can actually look pretty adorable when paired with the right jeans and baggy sweater. Anyways, purchase a pair now before this trend flocks to the States and becomes, what we like to call, “overrated”.



2. DON’T wear flip flops out and about

No one wears flips flops here. This is just as devastating to me as it is to you. I am a firm believer in my Rainbows and I could go to war in them, but according to European fashion rules, ditch them. Flip flops are not up to par in this fashion league. Sandals are fine. You know, that added strap just really pulls it all together.


3. DO invest in a Puffer Coat

Italians really do dress as though they live in an Arctic Tundra. They are all bundled up in multiple layers when it’s only 50 degrees outside. Alright so I am guilty of this too but hey, I grew up in Vegas. I think every single Italian I have seen has been wearing a Puffer Coat. These coats come in many colors and can be found in lengths ranging from your waist to your knees. They can be dressed up or down and are efficient for lightweight warmth. You will never go wrong with a Puffer Coat. Trust me on this one. These coats are as essential to your winter wardrobe as your to-die-for leather jacket is.



4. DON’T run around town in your yoga pants in public

Alright, don’t shoot the messenger here. I love my yoga pants just as much as the next girl. Really, if I could live in them, I would. Europe has a new set of rules. Surprisingly, people actually take the time to get ready here. Talk about a wake up call. No one runs around town in their yoga pants or sweat pants. I have yet to even see anyone wear such things to class! For all you having a minor heart-attack right now, don’t worry. I have found the solution: leggings. Throw on a pair of leggings, baggy sweater, and a pair of boots and no one will even know that no effort was needed.


5. DO look into fur (faux fur) pieces

Now I’m not about to start a World War 4 on here and have PETA after me, but fur is very popular here. Fur coats, fur vests, and even fur scarfs. I have never been one for fur, but I think Europe is really getting to me. These pieces can really take an outfit from simple to fab in .5 seconds. I’ll leave the choosing between fur or faux fur up to you for personal opinion, to each their own. Now go throw on a fur vest, leather leggings, white v-neck and you’ll look like you just waled off the runway.



6. DON’T wear running shoes unless you are at the gym

I should not even have to make this statement. No one I repeat NO ONE should be caught dead wearing running shoes with anything but work out attire. Yes, I get that they are comfortable, but only in America do we find it appropriate to be seen in public wearing shoes that should be for the gym’s eyes only. Europeans do not wear running shoes in public. In fact, wearing running shoes in public here is a red flag for American! You mind as well just strap a huge Cannon camera around your neck and put a tour guide headset in your ear because you are sure to stand out like a stain on a new pair of white pants.


7. DO dress in black: ALL BLACK

Black jeans. Black boots. Black top. Black nail polish. Black, black, black. You can never go wrong with black. I am a firm believer in this statement, as so are the Italians. Everyone here is always dressed in black. Black is chic. Black is flattering. Black is versatile. Black is the only color that will look good in everything and that will go with anything. If you do not feel that everyone should always wear all black, well then your opinion is irrelevant and you are tacky and I hate you. 


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