Dollar Shave Club Review

Photo: Dollar Shave Club

When browsing my Facebook, I noticed that I got a lot of Dollar Shave Club sponsored posts in my news feed. What really caught my eye was a slogan that they used that said, "Stop paying the pink razor tax." I was immediately drawn. I recently watched an inspiring video about how women pay more money for less of a product. Being all for gender equality, I always kept Dollar Shave Club in the back of my mind. To my surprise, when I visited my parents a few weeks later, they already had it! They had an extra razor and gave it to me to try. 

To my surprise, Dollar Shave Club is not actually a dollar. I was heartbroken to learn this because I was sick of paying so much for razors, and often resorted to using the same one for months to avoid paying a lot of money for a new one. However, I learned that they DO have razors that cost a dollar.

How it works:

They have three plans you can sign up for. The first option is a razor with two blades. It costs a dollar per month, but you have to pay $2 shipping and handling. However, in the description on the website, it talks about face shaving and being for "guys." However, I'm sure us ladies can use it on our legs.

The next option is that I will be reviewing. It's $6 per month with no shipping fees. It comes with four blades and is nicknamed "The Lovers' Blade" because both women and men will be satisfied with them. 

Finally, they offer "The Executive" for $9 per month. It has six blades. This one also recomends a "buttery" shave for men's faces. However, not a lot of details are given about the product as to what makes it special other than the amount of blades.

When you order Dollar Shave Club, you get one razor handle in the mail plus a box of blades that snap onto the handle. It says to change them once per week. Each set comes with four refill cartridges, but the $1 option comes with five.


Dollar Shave Club Review:

I am the kind of girl who does not replace her razor often, so having to change the blades so often was new to me. When shaving my legs, it did not feel any different from the purple plastic razor that I had. I thought, "oh well," and went about my day. However, what happened at the end of the day amazed me. I still had silky-smooth legs. Usually, a little stubble grew back by the end of the night when I showered in the morning. But after shaving with a Dollar Shave Club razor, my legs still felt like I had jsut shaved. The next day, I didn't even feel as though I had to shave as only a little hair grew back. As a busy college women, I sometimes do not have time to apply lotion as you're supposed to after shaving. After trying this product, I rushed off to class without lotion - and that was a big mistake. I have sensitive skin so my legs got pretty itchy. I found that the plastic girly razors were a little more forgiving after forgetting lotion. Overall, I loved this product. $6 per month is a stretch for some college students, but I'm very satisfied to have tried it and recommend it to anyone.