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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a Mask

You almost can’t go anywhere without a mask. Whether it's muscle memory to bring one with you everywhere or not, we’ve all been in the situation of figuring out a face covering at the last minute. Here are my mask Do’s and Don’ts:

Sheer or mesh masks: Absolutely NOT! 

Understanding the virus is airborne is essential to  protecting yourself. The CDC

(Center for Disease Control) stated on August 27, 2020, “...spread mainly from person to person, mainly through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks,” and then continues, “These droplets can land in the nose and mouths of people who are nearby…” Ultimately, suck it up and wear the blue mask, even if it doesn’t match your outfit. It’s only for the hour you are grocery shopping. 

Below the nose: A hard NO! 

Like I’ve quoted above, the virus can enter through your nose, infect your body, and then you’re stuck at home for two weeks to ensure you don’t spread it like the person before you. On the other hand, in my opinion, wearing a mask below your nose looks lazy and shows that you’re mindful but you are also doing the bare minimum when it comes to abiding by the local law requiring coverings in public. 

A fun color or pattern: An absolute YES! 

Mixing it up each day and changing colors can be beneficial to your outfit.. While it is absolutely necessary to be wearing a mask in public, making your mask an accessory can make your outfit even cuter. There are so many small businesses that are reusing old fabric they’ve had for a while or use organic cotton to make masks as well. Etsy: MissPapillonBoutique is a small shop that ships masks within one to three days and for free! 

Putting your mask on when you first get out of your car at any public space: ALWAYS!

Nothing stinks more than forgetting your mask in your car and having to walk all the way back just to look foolish in front of the Starbucks baristas that saw you. It does show responsibility and that you care by returning to grab it rather than walking inside and hoping no one notices.. I have found it extremely helpful to put my mask on immediately when I get out of my car because then I know it’s already on, I am protected in case someone who was infected was in that area, and I have no possibility of forgetting. 

Having a separate mask for the gym: Duh! 

Unfortunately, women do sweat. Whether it be stress, too much coffee, nerves, or from working out, sweat is  inevitable. A normal bodily function can be gross, I know that I gross myself out more often than not. Keeping an extra mask in your gym bag that is specifically used for  working out can be helpful so you don’t sweat in your day mask. Be sure to wash your face after you get home to wash off the build up of sweat now on your face. Masks are unkind to those with beautiful skin. 

Washing your mask: Why wouldn’t you? OF COURSE! 

Ensuring you are washing your mask each time you do laundry can help keep your skin clean, mask smelling fresh, and stop the spread. You wouldn’t wear dirty clothes, so why would you wear a dirty mask? . We sweat, spit, and get food in our masks simply because we wear them all day. As a Starbucks barista on the weekends, I do drink a lot of coffee and let me tell you, day old coffee in your mask is not a pleasant experience. Just toss your mask with your darks, lights, or whites,and wash it on hot to ensure that you are killing the germs. Bleaching may be your best bet as well (if you can). 

I hope these suggestions and tips make it easier for you to find the good in wearing a mask, even though it may be tough to want to wear one. Protecting others and staying at a distance is extremely beneficial in slowing the spread. As posted absolutely everywhere: We are in this together!

JP is a born and raised Midwesterner, but now calls the desert home. They are a senior studying English, Spanish, and Media Analysis. When they're not writing for Her Campus, catch them wreaking havoc on Twitter: @HansonJenna or getting another tattoo.
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