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There is nothing like the squirming one does when talking to your parents about sex. No matter how open and close you are to your parents talking about sex starts the idea that your parents actually HAVE sex and that is a no go. When my mom started her conversation with me about safe sex, she told the story of my uncle looking like a deer in headlights as my Irish, Catholic, pearl wearing Grandmother wanted to talk about condoms and how important they are; he could not run away fast enough, she laughed. That was the 80s and with the rise of STDs and AIDS, parents and society at large were forced to talk about safe sex and how vital it is to wear a condom for protection.  As a child of the helmet/seatbelt wearing generation, it seems reasonable to cover up when having sex with a stranger. 

So imagine my surprise when I read the 2011 InTouch article about Stormy Daniels and she recounts that Donald Trump did not use a condom as she did not bring one and is allergic to latex. Trump’s supporters will say we knew about his behavior with women so it is a non-issue but we don’t know his history of wrapping it up and if he has not, it makes me question his decision making ability. There are three historical aspects of his life that are disturbing in his matter: 1. He was “caught” as a divorced man getting another woman pregnant before they married 2. He bragged of his own sexual Vietnam which means what? 3. He partied with porn stars, Playboy Bunnies and has a questionable relationship with prostitution all leading to the underlying question of whether he used condoms.  

Is this another example of his disdain for “elites” who promote scientific evidence over what feels good?  Was he relying on luck or his gut in his decision making ability rather than facts? Any gambler knows that the house always wins at some point and he has had losses in business, (Trump casino, airline, magazine, university etc), so has he lost it in his private life as well? If his second daughter was an unplanned pregnancy, did he not learn the lesson of taking precautions? Is his own personal gratification more important than anything including his wives and children? If he is willing to risk his wives and children health and well-being, how much is he willing to risk us, strangers in the USA?

Finally, it puts a new spin on all the fast food he has been known to eat. #onlydrivethruwrappedupmeat

Kathleen Leslie is a freshman at Arizona State University, studying political science and communications. She was born in August, (a typical Leo), in Chicago, Illinois but has since moved all over the world. Though, she considers Australia and Orange County, California, her home. Kathleen is a part of the 'I Am That Girl' club on ASU's campus and in addition, works as a communications aide for ASU. In her free time, she likes to shop, sail and hang out with friends, (hoping it always involves something with food). Kathleen Leslie is also the current campus correspondent for Her Campus ASU.
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