Common College Convo: Marriage

Once you graduate the world opens up. You’re excited about the next phase of your life. Being in college, with new friends, experiences and of course freedom. Sweet, sweet freedom. But one thing I never thought I would be talking about once I got to college was marriage.

Yes you read that right - marriage.

People from my high school that were a little older, some that even graduated with me, are engaged. I was shocked. I always thought people my age were getting married later and later but I was wrong. My instagram feed has become a photo album of engagement announcements.

Seeing people who I’ve grown up with having kids and getting married sometimes makes me feel like a late bloomer. But in reality it’s actually the opposite.

Everyone has a group of people that are a little above the curve, and maybe constantly seeing that may make you want to play catch up, but everyone’s pace in life is different. Some people marry young because they found the right person, while others get the perfect job offer or something in between. Life is not a highway that takes you from point A to point B, it’s a bunch of backstreets that sometimes you might get a little lost in, but you come out finding yourself and what you want in life.

Yes it’s a clique but being single in college can be a great thing.

In all the newness that is college, you’ll want to try and take in as much as possible. Late night talks with new friends, finding new spots to hang out, going to welcome events and learning to balance life on your own. It’s all so invigorating. I couldn’t imagine the first few months into this new chapter of my life and thinking about getting married. But that’s me and where I’m at.

When talking to my older sister about it I wondered why all the sudden everyone starts thinking of marriage and weddings once college starts. She told me that graduating high school is a milestone, and once people pass that milestone, meeting the person you will eventually marry whether that be in college, your first job etc. is more likely.

There are always people talking about how they met their significant other in college, or having their college girlfriends as their bridesmaids, it’s all so exciting to think about. But this time in our life is so unique and precious that we need to just enjoy it.  Enjoy being in that perfect limbo between being a child and adulthood. Meet new people, make memories, and take it day by day, because we’re the youngest we’ll ever be. So take advantage of it.