Coming to ASU from Out of State

Name: Demitria George 
Graduation year: 2019
Major: Broadcast Journalism
What made you want to come to Arizona?

I've always been coming out to Arizona to see family during breaks. I always loved coming to Arizona to see the palm trees and go on adventures around the beauty of the state. There are a lot of memories that I here and whenever I came to visit I always felt like this is where a place that I would love to live at someday like during school. I also wanted to start off somewhere on my own far away. I had gotten accepted to Arizona State University and thought that this is a perfect place for me to start off on my own, and considering the huge college town that Tempe is,  it would be a perfect place for me to have many friends like I love to have and be surrounded by activities that are fun for college students. I would rather be surrounded by people who are just like me than people who are not.

What was your first impression upon moving in?

Moving in I was excited! I was thinking to myself that I loved the 115 degree weather. However, when I moved in I barley drank any water and got very sick! I didn't like it as much after haha. But I thought that my view in my dorm room was amazing that I could see mountains with snow, palm trees, mountains and city! I thought that my dorm was not the greatest inside, I did kind of freak out to my dad about my small bed though. I'm just happy to be moving out of my dorm. 

Where is your favorite hang-out spot around campus?

My favorite place to hangout on campus is underneath the palm trees in front of the alumni center on the lawn with grass. Anyone can find me there in between classes, eating lunch, making phone calls to friends and family, watching tv on my computer, basking in the sun, and enjoying the fresh air trying to forget about how I did on exams and lowering my high anxiety after exams. 

Any advice for people moving into a warmer climate?

Really listen to the locals about drinking water and not having your diet consist of in-n-out everyday. Just because they don't have them where you live doesn't mean you should go out and eat it all of the time in hot weather. My appetite decreases in the hot weather and stuffing myself with delicious food can make it worse. 

What do you plan on doing after you move out of the dorms?

I am moving into my first apartment in Tempe off of campus for the summer and following school years. I plan on working and expanding my connections in the journalism field along with connections in the social aspect of my life to make more friends and expand opportunities.

Any advice for people who want to do the same?
Definitely work hard. Make sure that you do not let your guard down especially because it is hard sometimes to face the facts that you are alone 1,270 miles away from where you lived all of your life. If you love the feeling of being independent and away and on your own to branch out, I recommend moving away far and starting off on your own. I could not have done it if my parents were not as supportive and helpful as they are now because I would be so lost without their guidance. Keep in mind if you want it, work for it and be ready to work hard to move out of state and start from the bottom. It's an unforgettable experience and I have already learned so much.