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A Collegiette’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

It has been seven months since students at Arizona State University on-campus residents moved into their dorm rooms. In these past seven months, students living in dorms got the answer to the question they wondered before they even moved in: “Who will be the messier roommate?” As spring break came to a close, students who went home shuffled back to dorm life. Spring vacation and spring training are all activities that students look forward to this time of year, but there is one more that is a little less intriguing: spring cleaning.

Even though a dorm room might look neat and tidy, there are plenty of spring cleaning activities that will make a room easier to deal with at the end of the year and be better for a student’s health.

Dusting – Dorm rooms accumulate a lot of dust. Look closely at shelves, TV tops, refrigerators, and desks. Dusting is a quick and easy task to tidy up a room. If you find yourself without a duster or a dusting cleaning agent, use a wet paper towel or disinfectant wipe to quickly remove the dust.

Refrigerator – Speaking of refrigerators, now would be a great time to clean out the fridge, if you haven’t already. Check for any expired food or anything that has rotted. You may find yourself thinking, “That’s still in there??” Cleaning out the refrigerator only takes a few minutes and eliminates the bacteria growing on food that has gone bad.

Paper – Cleaning out loose papers is more of a personal cleaning task rather than one for a dorm room. Look through shelves, backpacks, and folders for papers that you don’t need anymore. Doing so will make shelves and backpacks have less clutter while providing you with better organization. Don’t forget to recycle!

Bathrooms – Girls with community bathrooms, luckily this one is not for you! Whether you are faced with a bathroom shared by two or four, cleaning during the springtime will make life a lot easier at the end of the year. Dirt in the bathroom really builds up as the year goes on. Check out the floor of the shower. Does it have black or brown areas? Look at the toilet. Is it a little less white than it was? Cleaning the bathroom is not a task anyone wants to do, but roommates are there to lessen the workload. After all, it is their bathroom too. First, start off by cleaning mirrors. They are prone to gathering little water spots. A paper towel and Windex will do the trick. Next, move on to the shower.  If you have bathroom cleaning supplies, now is the time to use them, but cleaning wipes do the trick as well as with some elbow grease. Clean shower walls, floors, and the inside and outside of the toilet. 

I am a sophomore pursuing a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University
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