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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ASU chapter.

Each semester, The Chic Daily, Arizona State University (ASU)’s Fashion Journalism Club, hosts a charity fashion show. This Fall, The Chic Daily partnered with two other fashion clubs, ASU Fashion Collective and Style Line Magazine, to throw together one of their most successful shows yet: Cirque De So Chic.

This student-led, circus-inspired fashion show was held at ASU Tempe’s Old Main on Nov. 29 and raised $1,115, with all proceeds going to Arizona Sustainability Alliance and Dress for Success Phoenix. 

Arizona Sustainability Alliance is a nonpartisan group “committed to protecting our environment and promoting sustainable living through action and advocacy,” according to its website. Dress for Success Phoenix is a nonprofit organization that “empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, and the development tools needed to help them thrive in work and in life,” according to its website.

“Collaborations in the fashion community are always exciting and are a huge part of The Chic Daily’s foundation,” said Autumn Schieferstein, president of The Chic Daily. “Collaborating with Style Line and the Fashion Collective was especially exciting as it helped us spotlight young creatives, specifically student designers.”

Cirque De So Chic featured five collections and the show was emceed by Khayla Shipman.

“Planning a show always has its challenges, but having such a great team made each hurdle we faced a little easier,” Schieferstein continued. “I’m extremely grateful for Lily Moskowitz (President of ASU Fashion Collective), Addison Waller (Editor-in-Chief of Style Line) and Rhea Sing (Operations Director of ASU Fashion Collective), specifically. They had great leadership skills and quick adaptability, which all helped raise a little over $1,100 for Dress for Success Phoenix and Arizona Sustainability Alliance.”

Opening the show to an audience of 155 attendees was Jules Hunter’s first collection, “Le Cirque Des Reves.” This burlesque take on the theme of circus involved bright boas, red roses, customized bodysuits and colorful eyeshadow. One outfit was even made up entirely of tarot cards.

Next was Megan Barbera’s collection, “Dark Fantasy.” A full-circle moment for Barbera, as she was once the president of The Chic Daily. Her debut collection as a designer consisted of dark stretch fabrics with edgy accessories, including fishnet tights, thigh-high leather boots and silver jewelry. These black and red looks were inspired by aerial silk dancers, she told The Chic Daily.

Audrey Coleman’s models gracefully walked the runway while Taylor Swift’s “Snow On The Beach (feat. Lana Del Rey)” played. Her collection, “Parading Planet Earth,” focused on environmental awareness and sustainability. One look was made entirely from recycled coffee sacks donated by local farmers in Arizona “to bring awareness to the fact that coffee is only grown by indigenous caretakers of the land in sacred regions of the world,” Coleman wrote on Instagram. Another look utilized a quilt skirt from ASU Fashion Collective’s recycled fabric inventory. If there was a best dressed, it would have been awarded to Coleman. She had multiple outfit changes throughout the night. Blink and you might have missed it.

Arguably stealing the show was Joe Leeds’ dramatic collection, “Circus of Me.” Models turned into actors, becoming their freakshow characters.

“My collection, ‘Circus of Me,’ was inspired by my mania and the many hats I’ve found myself wearing, each role becoming a member of the circus, and in turn becoming a part of who I am,” Leeds wrote on Instagram. “It can be crazy balancing life and art, and love and loss, but it’s who I am, it’s who I’ve dreamt of being, but nonetheless it has taken its physical tolls.”

This “manic manifestation” consisted of models acting like tarot card readers, ringleaders and more. Looks were accessorized by top hats, balloons and costume makeup. Each model walk told a story, and was accompanied by Alice Longyu Gao’s aggressive hyperpop track, “MONK,” making for an energetic performance.

Marissa Pallares ended the night with her icy collection, “Frostbite.”

“Frostbite [is] set in a period where a freak show has been abandoned in the dead of winter and the freaks have been infected by frostbite,” Pallares wrote on Instagram. “Although they are infected, they are dying for their next performance. Frostbite is about the resurrection of the freakish nature that we all have inside us and that nature coming to bite back.”

Models walked in mostly white winter attire, wearing silvery-white makeup, for a frozen appearance. One noteworthy look featured two women inside one outfit, a nod to the two-headed lady.

We can only wait and see what The Chic Daily has in store for next semester’s charity fashion show. Style Line also announced that they have their own Spring show in store.

Ashlyn Robinette is an Arizona State University and Her Campus ASU alumnus. She received her B.A. in journalism and mass communication with a minor in digital audiences from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and Barrett, The Honors College.