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Can you be my Pal-entine?

Can you be my Pal-entine?




Tiara : “Hey babe, I’m super stressed right now.”

Bae: “What’s up?”

Tiara: “My mom just cancelled all my credit cards, I just paid millions to get my nails done, and I have to get this other book for my Spanish class, I don’t think I will be able to get you a gift for Valentine’s, I’m so sorry hun.”

Bae: “Oooh that’s too bad, did you try talking your mom out of it, or make her those cinnamon roll pancakes that she is so into… because you know kitten, it’s Valentine’s Day that we are talking about here.”

Tiara: “I know, I know, I have tried basically everything, but there’s no hope. I just wanted to let you know so that you remove all expectations from your mind, I feel so bad!”

Bae: “Why don’t you let one of your girlfriends give you a small loan, and then you can make it up to them later, because really it’s a leap year, and I’m very much looking forward to a pair of those white Nike sneakers.”


Valentine’s day evokes different emotions and reactions to various collegiettes on campus. As the day is fast approaching, there is a lot of hyper activity going on around as individuals are in a rush to get the “perfect” gift for “the” special one.. However, for the most part, a lot of people dread this day for a number of reasons.


  • Once again, another Valentine’s Day has come,and all they can say is, “Happy Valentine’s Day to no one!”

  • Yet again, beau gets them a scarf instead of the Tiffany’s sterling silver necklace she had been secretly hoping for.

  • Another day to whine and complain about the serious lack of romance from their significant other.

  • Just another day to empty their bank account, because they feel “obliged” to get gifts for bae, otherwise in all honesty, Valentine’s Day is just not their thing.

  • Once more, they can’t go for their usual girls’ night out because restaurants are super expensive.

  • Again, the price of the Hershey chocolate bar increases.


The perfect Pa-lentine.


I believe in the beauty of Valentine’s Day, but well, in a kind of different context. Instead of your overemphasized, usual, yearly Valentine route, why don’t you try and take this day to just be thankful for all the loved ones in your life. Make it a day of introspection, a day of expressing appreciation to all the people in your life in all the simple ways. Take the principal role, and make someone feel special. It can be your roommate, for always cleaning up your mess all the time, your math professor, for extending the homework deadline only to you, your best friend, for not giving you that judgemental eye when you eat ice cream for the third time in one day, or that other special someone in your life. I would like to believe that every human has that vulnerable spot that craves for attention, and longs to be appreciated. Be the reason that someone smiles.


6 ways of having the best Pa-lentine ever!


  • Treat yourself to a huge bowl of buffalo wings.

  • Open up your heart and make some handmade cards for Camp Kesem kids.

  • Dress up and go out to that simple restaurant with your pals, your roommate, that special person, or anyone you care about.

  • Go on a road trip to L.A. or Sedona with a group of friends.

  • Call your mom, and tell her you love her.

  • Make a scrapbook that has all the memories you and your significant other have shared so far, and reflect on all the moments togethers.


Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s, make it a priority to smile, and make somebody else feel special and appreciated. After all, YOLO, so why waste a whole 24 hours waiting for someone to make you feel special, when you can be the reason to another person’s smile.


PS : Love is everywhere, you just have to open your eyes wide enough to see it! Eat, live, laugh and be happy…those few words summarize just about everything!


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