Campus Cutie: Maymary Laideson

College is often perceived as the era of change. We see it as the moment to leave our current self behind and explore the aspects of ourselves that, so far, have been buried deep by the parts we were willing to show the world. And with those new beginnings come new ends. In fact, a lot of us have seen our friendships get caught up in the storm of these changes. We assume that by growing, we also have to grow out of the relationships we formed in the past because we see them as ties to our past selves. However, MayMary Laideson and Maryglory Steven are two lucky collegietes that beat the odds of keeping a friendship alive through college. Laideson agreed to let us in on the secret that allowed them to succeed where so many others failed.

Name: MayMary Laideson

    Laideson and Maryglory strike a pose.

Major: Chemical engineering and minoring in conomics

Where are you from?

I come from the Eastern part of Africa, a country called Tanzania.

What are you most passionate about?

I love driving the youth in my society to get more engaged in making a positive impact on their society by taking on challenging situations.

Any extracurricular activities:

I am involved in singing and dancing.

How and when did you meet Maryglory?

We met at school seven years ago. We went to the same secondary school for four years.

Describe your favorite thing about her?

My favorite thing about her is that she is very honest with me. She is the one person I would expect to hear the total truth from even when I do not want to hear it. I love how she understands me without verbal communication. I also love that she encourages me to be a better person and to reach for my dreams.

What is the dearest memory you share with her?

I believe we made our best memories in high school and it brought us closer than ever. I remember our after school moments when we used to chill at her place eating chips mayai (Fries with Eggs).

Do you have any nicknames for each other? Do they have meanings?

We call each other DG an abbreviation for doppelganger. This was inspired by Helena and Catherine, characters in The Vampire Diaries. The name refers to the many similarities we share.

How did coming to ASU affect your friendship?

Coming to ASU just made our friendship stronger as we have grown so much and were part of each other’s growth.

How did you handle meeting new people?

At first, it was hard letting people in our small comfortable zone. Eventually, opening up to new people, some who share similar drives in life, helped us grow not only as individuals but also together, as friends.

Laideson (extreme left) and Steven (in red) attend a birthday dinner with new friends at ASU. 

What is your typical hang out activity?

Sleepovers, watching movies, cooking and sharing a meal together.

Advice for best friends willing to take on the college challenge?

In friendship, the key thing is to have a common ground but at the same time allow room for personal growth. Communication is an important aspect of your friendship and never be afraid to let each other explore more by meeting new people and doing new things on your own.

Any last words?

Always be around people who bring the best in you and make you happy.