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Blackface or Nah?

No more painting your face black for ASU's blackout games.

Different ethnic community groups have pushed ASU into banning fans from painting their faces black at sporting events. They claim it is too similar to blackface that was found in the early 1900s where white males would paint their faces black and portray slaves- a racially insensitive act. 

The university has not officially banned fans from painting their faces for these games, and has received mixed reviews about it from students and the community alike. Some have asked the university to begin offering mandatory cultural-awareness courses to show students the impact of their actions.

ASU is trying to move forward and encourage ethnic diversity and sensitivity- especially considering last semester's MLK mayhem with a fraternity and the university's hesitation in suspending the fraternity until the event was made public.


What do you think about ASU's new approach? 

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