Being A Feminist In College

“My mother told me to be a lady. And for her that meant be your own person, be independent.”- Ruth Ginsburg.

If you know anything about the current world, it’s that feminism can be a difficult subject to tread. Whether it’s out of fear of being ridiculed, or not wanting to start a confrontation with roomies, discussing feminism can be a minefield ready to blow. Feminism is really simple by definition, “Advocacy for women’s rights on a basis of the equality of the sexes.” However, in practice, it’s much more difficult to handle.

When discussing feminism you have four parties to truly worry about. First, you have the naysayers; these people will die before admitting there is anything that men have, that women don’t. They think modern feminism is dumb because there isn’t anything else to advocate for! As far as they know, the sexes are equal.

Secondly, you have the misogynists. These people are pretty self-explanatory! These are people who know there is inequality among the sexes, and they believe it should remain that way. But don’t be fooled, misogynists are not just men. There are fellow women out there who believe a woman's place is, “Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.” Before we move on, I want to say something to misogynists who believe this. It is not wrong to be a woman and want to be a stay at home wife, or want to be a trophy wife. Feminism is not attacking your right to choose that as the way to live the rest of your life. Feminism is a movement that pushes for women to make that choice for themselves! Do you want to be a trophy wife? Do it! Stay at home mom? We could not live without you! CEOs and businesswomen? You make the world go round. We just want to be able to choose our own paths and not be attacked for the specific choices we make.

Thirdly, we have the misandrists. Most people think of these women when they hear the word ‘feminism.’These are women who identify as feminists, but don’t fight for equality! They believe women are above men, and in any way possible, make being a feminist all the more difficult. They tend to give others a bad view of us.

Fourth, we have white-feminists. Now, before everyone goes blowing their heads, give me a moment to explain. White-feminists are not those labeled by the color of their skin, but rather, feminists who do not fight for colored women’s rights and trans women's rights. We as women cannot only fight for our own rights, we are a family! We must protect all of our sisters; our sisters of color, our trans-sisters, and everything in between. Otherwise, there really isn’t any use in fighting at all.


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And here’s the struggle, you will meet all of these people in college and the big bad outside world! Whether it’s in your job, in your classes, your roommate, your floor, there will be a moment in your life when you run into at least one of these people. It will shake your core. Especially if you’re like me, being somewhat afraid of confrontation, it can be difficult facing these demons head-on. But here’s what to remember:

They want you to bite. When these people are making crude jokes about women, or bad mouthing them in any way, they want you to react out of anger and hate. You have to keep your cool. Peacefully debate, keep a smile. You are the better person in situations such as this. No matter how hard they yell, or scream, or bait you, you are strong. You are a stone, and you will not be moved; emotionally and physically.

Some people are set in their ways. Even if you through every piece of evidence you have, from facts to statistics, some will be just as stubborn as you. And even though that can be hard to accept, sometimes you need to walk away. You’ve given your all, it’s okay to not win every battle, as long as you did it in a respectful manner, and tried your hardest, you are aiding in the fight.

And finally, and most important of all, being a feminist is not bad. They will use every trick of the trade to get you to believe you are in the wrong. But don’t be discouraged, sis. Women like us were sent to slaughter in the name of defying a man-made culture. Their blood courses through our very veins, and gives us the strength to keep on pushing.

So even when the cards are stacked against you, and the world is telling you to move. Stand firm, stay proud. Because women are wonderful strong people who have the power to change the world. So hop to it. Let’s start a change.