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Everyone has heard of sugar babies and sugar daddies, but only a select few people actually become one. In rich, heavily populated cities, like the Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale area, becoming a sugar baby is easy to do. Many people use the app “Seeking Arrangements” to easily, and successfully make money. When creating your profile, you have the option to include your ideal date and person. Also, there is a bio section to write a little about yourself and simple facts like age, body type, and financial facts.

Pictures can be uploaded, but there is a section for private pictures that only the people you allow can see them. People like it because you can make up personal information about yourself to keep yourself protected like your name. Once the profile is created you can start searching. Most of the time sugar daddies come to you be private messaging you. Many messages are a simple greeting, but some give great detail about what they are looking for and the rewards that you will receive.

Once you find someone you like, then you simply find a time and place to meet them, maybe to get lunch, or just to go get a coffee. Sometimes, they will pay you for just meeting them. Once there, there will be a lot of small talk, but you must lay out what you want and what they want to see if it’s even worth seeing them again; set ground rules and rewards almost like a contract. If you successfully find someone to be your SD then off you go making money but always remember to be careful.

You never want to meet anyone new in a private space. ALWAYS meet in a public area and always find your own transportation. Maybe let close friends know when and where you are going and to track your phone just in case something happens. Also, be aware that there are frauds out there telling you they have way more money than they do.

There are also creeps and more exotic needs on the site that may freak you at. You can always block them. Also, many people think you have to be sexual towards these people but never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. My friend who used the app and went of SD dates always told them and put in her bio that she was not looking for intimacy but rather just someone to hang out with and talk to. Many SDs do not want no intimacy but you can find someone who just wants a pretty girl or boy to talk to.

My friend once had a SD that gave her $420 a month to just have lunch with him. She even went on dates to receive money and then never spoke to them again because they wanted intimacy. Becoming a sugar baby can be fun, but very dangerous so always be careful and make sure to remember that people, even adults, lie.   

Sydney McCoy is a freshman at Arizona State University studying Biomedical Sciences. She is currently the events coordinator for Her Campus at ASU. She is from Springfield, Illinois and graduated from Williamsville High School. She loves to get involved with her community and also loves cats and Gucci Mane.
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