Autumn Attire… In Arizona

Fall time is quickly approaching! On the east coast, sweaters are reappearing, scarves are completing your chic ensembles, and trench coats are still recognized as the ultimate fashion staple. Who doesn’t love a good bundled look? But what happens when it’s still 95 degrees outside? Should we opt to swelter through our crewneck sweaters, or just stick to jean shorts? Neither. I’ve found the perfect happy medium on how to approach the upcoming sweat-er season.

  1. 1. Bring out the fall colors!

    Fall isn’t just about covering up. It’s also about the earthy tones that come out! Try to implement more autumn colors into your wardrobe- even if the leaves aren’t changing their colors. Colors like warm orange, mustard yellow and maroon (especially as an ASU student!) are great options to gravitate toward.

  2. 2. Anything can be sleeveless.

    Any material, especially sweater material, can be made sleeveless. Try finding thicker material items, without actually adding more material. You could even DIY in your closet! A cute long sleeve jumpsuit? How about an even cuter short sleeve one?

  3. 3. Add one fall item to your outfit

    Wearing an entire typical “fall” outfit might get a little steamy- literally. If you can find one fall piece, such as a denim jacket, and add it to a much *cooler* outfit, I promise you won’t regret it. 

  4. 4. Booties, Booties and more Booties.

    Booties! It’s the wonderful time of the year when you can add booties to any outfit and it’s instantaneously more fall. Booties can be a great addition to outfits with t-shirts and skirts, jean shorts, and even joggers! You really can’t go wrong with this footwear. 

Just because it still feels like summer outside, doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the cute trends of the fall season. By implementing fall pieces into your wardrobe, yet still keeping your outfits light, you can have the best of both worlds. Don’t break a sweat trying to wear the entire Vogue shoot, instead, pick a few select pieces that will give you that fall flare. Embrace the season, and the weather!