ASU Wants Students to "LiveSafe"

Have you ever walked home from a late night study session from Hayden Library, or felt uneasy walking to your car across campus at night? You are most definitely not alone, collegiettes. With Arizona State one of the largest universities in the country, there are bound to be other students who feel the same way. That's why ASU has adopted an app that will help keep all students safe with just a touch of your fingertips.

"LiveSafe" is an app that allows the police and your friends to virtually follow you to your destination and make sure you get there safe and unharmed. What this does is allow your friends or the police locate where you are going by tracking you through a blinking blue light - basically keeping track of where you are going and becoming your safety buddy. 

This app provides you with four main options on the home page: Report Tips, Emergency, View Map and SafeWalk. Report Tips allows you to give the police non-emergency tip details by either adding a video, picture or audio. You can do this for accidents, theft, harassment, suspicious activity and more. And, if you don't want them to know you sent them these tips, it give you the option of sending them anonymously.

The Emergency option allows you to quickly call 9-1-1 as well as give you the emergency information hotline. In View Map, it shows you a street map of your surroundings and will point out safety places, school/agency places as well as LiveSafe tips and public crime reports near the area. Lastly, Safewalk allows you and your friends to look out for each other. You can view the map as well as group chat with the person virtually walking you safely to your destination and contact the police if needed.

After personally testing out this app, I found it to be extremely useful and beneficial. Since I am one of those students who stay on campus until 8pm, it gave me an extra sense of security having a virtually safety buddy with me until I got to my destination.
Have you ever tried "LiveSafe" before? It you have or haven't, let us know what you think!
Note to readers: Always be alert and aware of your surroundings, especially on campus.