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ASU to Become a Smoke-Free Campus

Puff, puff, and don’t pass at ASU,  because as of August 1, Arizona State University has banned smoking and all tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco. The properties that are either owned or leased by ASU will also be a part of this ban. 
The move was made by a collaboration of staff and students in order to improve the health and overall environment of the campus. It applies to everyone on campus, including visitors to the area. 
But the real question is: who is going to stop you? That privilege is left strictly to members of the community and not to campus police. Community members must ask others to put out their smoke, and if the smoker refuses, disciplinary action may be taken. 
Other colleges have implemented similar tobacco-free policies, including Maricopa Community College, but so far NAU and U of A have not chosen to follow ASU’s lead. 
Some students, like sophomore computer science major, Shawn Berry, do not think that the smoking ban will bring a big change to the ASU community.
“I feel like as with any movement that there will be an equal amount of support and opposition for it. The kids that are addicted are probably going to be addicted and the kids that swore they’d never touch one in their lives will probably continue to keep that mindset. It’s a novel idea, and it’s better than doing nothing.”
ASU has provided information on their website to help those who want to quit smoking, and is encouraging smokers to give up the habit.
As of now and until August smoking is still allowing in designated areas, but as of August smokers will need be outside of any ASU property before they light up.
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