All the Stranger Things Merch You Need Right Now

If you haven’t heard  the biggest event of the summer was the release of Stranger Things 3. We finally reunite with our favorite kids from Hawkins, Indiana in the heat of a very American summer. Before you start binge-watching the newest season here are a few things you need:

  1. This blanket from Target is perfect for you to curl up with when watching ST3. We won’t judge if you use it to shield your eyes during the intense scenes.

  2. Are you heading to someone else’s house to watch the new season? Load up this canvas tote with snacks and whatever else you need before you go. Bonus points for year-round use (we see you, reusable shopping bags!).

  3. In this world, we love one (1) babysitter and that is Steve Harrington. Fill up your cup with whatever you need to get through the eight-hour binge that you’re about to go through.

  4. Need to take a break between episodes to process what’s happening? Test your skills at Dungeons & Dragons, the favorite game of Mike, Lucas, Will and Dustin.

  5. We don’t know what your hair will look like after eight hours of sitting on the couch, so rock this Stranger Things baseball cap if your locks are looking less like Nancy’s and more like Albert Einstein’s.

  6. Capture all of your summer moments with this gorgeous, two-toned Polaroid camera, inspired by the show. Get instant snaps that will send you right to 1985.