7 Reasons Why Singapore Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

1. Amazing Food At Cheap Prices!

Singapore is known for its amazing food. You can find many of these dishes at local hawker centers, which often sell their dishes at very affordable prices! The country is also home to the world’s cheapest Michelin-star meal: Chan Hon Meng’s SGD$2 (about USD$1.51) chicken rice dish. 

2. The Garden City 

Singapore is nicknamed the “Garden City” for a good reason: the city is surrounded with lots of greenery, and some buildings even incorporate greenery into the architecture!

3. The World’s Best Airport!

Singapore’s Changi Airport has been named Skytrax’s World Best Airport for six consecutive years. It boasts many attractions such as a 24-hour movie theater, an indoor slide, multiple indoor gardens, and a swimming pool among many others!

4. Super Safe (Low Crime)


The country boasts an extremely low crime rate, so you have little to worry about when you visit Singapore! 

5. Multi-racial Society Living In Harmony

What makes Singapore amazing is that its people live together in peace and harmony despite coming from different cultures.

6. Beautiful Gardens by the Bay



One of Singapore’s most beautiful attractions, Gardens by the Bay brings nature and technology together to house thousands of beautiful plants which are not native to Singapore. It even houses some of the rarest plants and flowers in the world!

7. Easy Flights To The Rest Of Asia

Singapore is conveniently located in the heartland of Asia, so you can travel conveniently to any part of Asia from the island!