5 TikTok Turkey-Themed Thanksgiving Treats You Need To Try

Thanksgiving revolves around food. While cooking isn’t everyone’s forte, these delicious and easy DIY Thanksgiving TikTok treats are surely worth a try.

  1. Who doesn’t like chocolate covered strawberries? You can easily transform this Valentine’s Day dessert into a Thanksgiving treat by making the strawberries look like turkeys!

    What you’ll need:


    Mini marshmallows

    Pretzel sticks

    Milk chocolate (melted)



  2. Cake pops are a hit anytime of the year. These cute turkey pops will especially go down well with kids and picky eaters who don’t like pie. 


    What you’ll need:

    Cake and frosting mixed together to form multiple balls

    Brown candy melts (melted)

    Long lollipop sticks or rods

    Candy corn

    Candy eyes

    Small red gummies

    Small orange candies

  3. Holiday calories don’t count, right?


    What you’ll need:

    Pretzel twists


    Milk chocolate (melted)


  4. Cupcake lovers will love to gobble this up! (pun intended)


    What you’ll need:

    Box cake mix- add everything else it says on the box too

    1 extra egg

    Sour cream

    Pudding mix 

    Chocolate frosting

    Brown sprinkles

    Candy eyes

    Candy corn

    Cupcake liners

  5. food spread with bread, pastry, and pie

    Not everyone likes sweets. Treat your friends and family with a delicious charcuterie board instead that looks like a turkey.


    What you’ll need:

    ½ a pear

    Cheese (sliced)

    Apples (sliced)



    Mini carrots 


    Snap Peas 

    Candy eyes