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5 Things You Should Know About ACA

  • ASU students will be limited to working a MAXIMUM of 25 hours per week. Starting in Fall 2014, if you’re a student leader on campus, you won’t be allowed to possess a secondary on-campus position.



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                               Pro-tip: ASU loves it when students work for free.

  • ACA allows an 80/20 rule, which means that health insurance companies are required to spend at least 80% of your premium on healthcare.


  • Under your parents’ health insurance, you will now be covered until your 26th birthday.


  • Insurers can no longer deny you based on genetic predisposition or pre-existing conditions.


  • There are no more “lifetime” dollar limits. So if you have one heck of a Spring Break, you’ll be guaranteed coverage (if you have health insurance).

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                              Pro-tip: Did you catch my pun? If you did, you’re awesome!

Click here to read more about ASU’s ACA Policies: The Affordable Care Act



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