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3 Latinx Women Making an Impact in Show Business

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the Latinx culture and those who stand out and make a great impact. The Hispanic culture is under-recognized in show business and ultimately slowing, but surely the Hispanic culture is starting to get its place in the spotlight. Here are some boss women who are making a splash in Hollywood:

Snow Tha Product 

Snow Tha Product is a Mexican rapper who got her start in 2010 performing in Texas.In 2011 she released her single “Drunk Love” that quickly gained over a million views on YouTube and signed a deal with Atlantic Records shortly thereafter. One of her better-known singles is “Waste of Time'' which she released in 2015 even after her label Atlantic Records disagreed in its potential to be a hit. After many of her songs were shelved by Atlantic, Snow left Atlantic Records and started Product Entertainment, LLC, where she and her brother, Ito, make most of the online content on their own. Since going independent, Snow has released solo singles such as “Say Bitch” and “Pressure” as well as Spanish singles “Dale Gas” featuring Alemán and “Butter.” She has also released a mixtape “Vibe Higher,” with guests such as Lex the Great, AJ Hernz, Jundro and Castro Escobar who were artists she invested in and took on tour with her. Snow has always taken pride in owning her own merchandise business that is run with people who she considers family. Outside of making music, she has the “EveryDayDay” vlogs where she gives you a behind the scenes look at her personal life-- behind the name of the music. They often have appearances from her fiancé, son, brother and other family members. She also has the “EveryNightNights” podcast, which features her cousin, brother, and fiancé as the main hosts. On the podcasts she answers fan questions, talks about current events, and spills the tea on her personal life. Snow is one of the most underrated artists that represent the Mexican culture.

Justina Machado 

Justina Machado is one of the better known Latinx actresses in mainstream television. She was born in Chicago, Illinois and is of Puerto Rican descent. Justina gained acting experience in the Latino Chicago Theater Company that helped open doors for her in other acting jobs. Moving to Los Angles full time in 1996, she was quickly casted in NYPD Blue. She steadily held acting jobs throughout the years, but her most recent work is where she shines. She played the role of “Darci Factor” in Jane The Virgin, a show that has a mostly Hispanic cast, where she played Rogelio’s partner who he has a baby with in seasons three through five. She then went on to play “Brenda,” the best friend of a future drug lord in Queen Of The South. Most recently, she is one of three female Latinx leads in the remake of One Day At A Time, which aired on Netflix for three seasons before continuing a season four on the Pop network. One Day At A Time truly showcases the Latinx culture and it would not be fair to just mention Justina without mentioning her co-stars, Isabella Gomez and Rita Moreno. Which should be equally as highlighted in making an impact on the Latinx culture as Justina, although Justina is the star in many of the plotlines. 

Gina Rodriguez

It would not be fair to mention Justina Machado without mentioning Gina Rodriquez. Although Justina was a supporting character in Jane the Virgin, Gina was the star of the show and deserves a spotlight as well. Gina is the daughter of  boxer referee Gino Rodriguez. Gina has been  a skilled salsa dancer from the young age of seven and has been studying acting since her teen years. She has been involved in several theater companies such as the Atlantic Theater Company and Experimental Theater Wing. After starring in guest roles on prime time shows like Law and Order and The Mentalist, Gina was cast as hip-hop artist, “Majo Tenorio” in 2012 in the movie Filly Brown. The role allowing Gina to show off her rapping skills, ultimately earning her an Imaged Award. Her most notable role since has been “Jane Villanueva” in Jane the Virgin. She was the star in the show, but later was given the opportunity to direct a couple of episodes. Outside of acting, Gina enjoys directing and producing films. She starred in the film Someone Great, which she produced with her own production company “I Can & I Will Productions.” In her personal life, Gina suffers from Hashimoto’s Disease which has caused weight gain and loss. Whereas in Hollywood, the illness is often scrutinized and makes actors feel as though they are flawed. . Gina also gives back to the Hispanic culture and raises awareness for Latinx representation in Hollywood. 

Although there are many Hispanic content creators who could be highlighted this month, these three women have made the Hispanic culture relevant in show business. Their contributions are  undervalued and I am 100% inspired by each and every one of these women. The work they continue to do within their respective creative endeavors will only further the Latinx culture in show business in the future.

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