3 Apps You Need Right Now

Whether you have an iPhone or Android most of your memory usage goes to what.. Applications! Here are three apps that should already be in your phone and if not, you better download them immediately if you want to survive. They not only will change your life, but improve it as well.


Imagine living in a world where there's the ability to have any restaurant delivered to your door. Yes, we are talking Chipotle, Starbucks, Taco Bell, Cheba Hut and the list goes on. Well that has become reality with Postmates, an uber for food as I like to call it. It links willing drivers to hungry customers who would rather not leave their house. Your first delivery can be free if you use their promo code. You can send out a referral code to your friends and they will get up to $10 off and you will as well in return. But wait the greatness does not stop there, they offer select food such as grilled cheese on demand, which you will receive for FREE and only have to cover the delivery fee. Postmates is changing the way we eat whether it increases laziness or convenience, you can be the judge of that.

 P.S. They have even started adding grocery and drug stores to the selection of stores you can receive deliveries from. 


Tracking your menstrual cycle each month can be a pain. With this sleek helpful app, it puts everything you would want in a period tracker all in to one application. You can choose what you're working toward whether it is to avoiding pregnancy or trying to conceive, Glow can assist with it all. What I love the most is how optimistic and helpful the app can be.  They even have message boards where you can have girl talk on anything that concerning you with your body or even just life. 

Stop, Breathe & Think

Don't lie college is stressful at some point. Some stress is definitely good, but when it starts piling with trying to balance classes, work and your social life you will need to find an escape. With Stop, Breathe & Think you can choose a goal whether it is to calm your nerves to centering yourself with the world again. With the soothing voice and calming tones you will be able to reduce your stress levels in a matter of time.