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It’s officially Bachelor season, and you know what that means? Drama, tears, love, and an engagement at the end… unless you’re like Colton and Cassie, and end the season with a title of boyfriend-girlfriend.

We open season twenty-five with our main man, Matt James (and yes he goes by both his first and last name). It’s a bit of a James Bond vibe, if you ask me. In the intro for the season, we find out that Matt is literally the definition of perfect. He’s a 28-year-old real estate broker, entrepreneur, and organization founder. He’s originally from North Carolina, where he not only grew up, but also went to school at Wake Forest University. At Wake Forest Universityhe majored in economics and played for the football team alongside Bachelor Nation favorite, Tyler Cameron.

If you aren’t caught up on this season, don’t worry, there hasn’t been too much drama yet and it’s only two episodes in. It’ll be pretty easy to get caught up. With the first episode always being the iconic limo introductions, I usually like to make a list of girls who I think will either make it far in the season or which girls will be sent home within the first couple of episodes. Pro Bachelor tip: If the girl isn’t getting much screen time right from the get-go, she probably isn’t that memorable in the season and more than likely sent home quickly. On the other hand, if a girl is getting a lot of screen time, she’s either the drama starter, the future fan favorite, or a finalist. I don’t fully have reasonings behind my picks for this season, so don’t expect an in-depth explanation. Just trust me when I say these girls are either in or out.

[bf_image id="bw2gnkmt79vngrmw8fsvmvph"] To start off here is my list of girls that I feel will make it far:

  • Abigail
  • Bri
  • Chelsea
  • Magi
  • Rachel
  • Sarah

And here’s the list of girls that I feel will go home soon:

  • Alana
  • Illeana
  • Katie
  • Mari
  • Serena C.

And finally, the girls I know are only being kept on the show for views:

Hey! This is Brianna and she is from Southern California or more specifically Coachella, yes where the festival is. She's currently majoring in Psychology with a focus on social behavior and is planning to get a marketing certificate. Fun Fact she has gone TikTok viral twice and highly regrets both times. Besides embarrassing herself online she also loves going to concerts, listening to oddly specific playlist, and going on road trips with her best friends.
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