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10 Tips For a Fun Summer

Aaaahhh, summer is here which brings on the disappointment that I know I can’t afford to go to Hawaii for a week. Are you in the same boat as me? Here are some tips that will make you have an unforgettable summer without breaking the bank! 

1.) Go Camping With Friends

Spice up camping by making it a competition. Select a movie, like the Hunger games, and have fun activities planned out that are based on its theme. 

2.) Be Your Own Teacher

Have you been thinking about learning how to knit or cook? Buy some books, search up some Youtube videos, and get proactive! You will feel so proud of yourself by the end of it! 

3.) Start a New Tradition

It could be something small from cooking dinner with friends every Friday night, or having a bonfire every Saturday. These sort of events can become memorable summer moments. 

4.) Volunteer

Are you bored at home? Volunteer somewhere that means a lot to you. Not only is this free, it also looks good on resumes! 

5.) Bike Around Your Town

Biking is not only a great workout, but it can help you discover cool spots around your community you probably have missed while driving. 

6.) Use Your Resources

Search up weekly activities your city/ town may offer for free or for a reduced price. 

7.) Have a Book Night

Get a couple of your friends to read the same book and chat it up over wine night, (if legal), or coffee! 

8.) Have a Show Night

Not into books? It’s okay! Host little party nights every premier night of your favorite show. 

9.) Mini Roadtrips To Nearby Cities/Towns

You never know what kind of funky places you might discover five towns down. 

10.) Say “Yes” More

Be more open minded about things. If a friend invites you to eat at a new restaurant or go to a party where you don’t know anyone, say yes! Get out of your comfort zone to spice up your summer. 

Majoring in Sustainability with a minor in French. I love to paint and eat on my free time.
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