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The Perfect Foundation Course: Overburdened Ashoka Student Edition

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ashoka chapter.

Edited by: Kavya Mittal


Spring Semester 2022


If the angel numbers do not convince you, don’t worry, I have a lot more in store for you. After extensive research and talking to a vast number of unhappy students, this FC has been designed in such a way that it is going to feel like a dream come true. The course aims at reducing the burden of an Ashoka student while also teaching them important life skills they’re too busy to catch hold of otherwise. You can’t have both when you’re trying to complete a major, minor, and a concentration in your 6 semesters, right? A variety of subjects and topics will be covered because we believe in ‘liberal holistic learning’ and also, let’s face it, absolutely anything is better than struggling with QRMT for 13 weeks. 

This course aims at answering the hows and the whys of the universe, not restricted to any particular discipline. We will primarily look at philosophy, science, literature, and history. Nothing to do with statistics or data though, eco-fin kids have enough of that for everyone. 

Instead of asking your friends who have taken this course before for every tiny detail and honest course review, I’ll just tell you myself — great professor, low course load, and an easy A. 

Readings and Media:

Everything you want to learn in an FC is here, just with a little twist. Most of the media is what you’ve binged on already, so essentially, we’re discussing the best plot lines and characters from your favourite books and shows. Some of them are:

Politics — Hobbes’s theory of social contract? Nah, we’re going to be reading Calvin and Hobbes! Or we can just discuss Homeland if the wordplay didn’t entice you.

Gender and Sexuality — Sex Education on Netflix, not like you haven’t watched it thrice already. 

Science —Big Bang theory should make the cut!

History — Bridgeton/Downton Abbey/The Crown, you pick your fancy.

Philosophy — Do you mean ‘phil’s-osophy?’ Modern Family is the only compulsory watch because it is the instructor’s newfound obsession.

Don’t worry if you haven’t watched any of these shows, just smile, nod, and add a ‘good point’ or  ‘+1’ to comment occasionally, and you’re pretty much an expert at that. 


You and I both know you run on 4 hours of sleep and 3 cups of coffee so apart from the timings of this class being as far away from 8:30 am as possible, this course also has no compulsory attendance. You can now watch reels without any background noise! But please, get some sleep. You have one less course to worry about now. Maybe we can all come to class for some self-care because, like I said, we teach life skills here too. 

Midterm and Final Exam: 

This is going to be a group project. Groups of 5 get together and talk. No, I don’t mean that 3 liner introduction you do for your classes, you actually interact with each other — talk about the universe, your favourite food, your fondest vacation memory, where your happy place is, hype each other up, do mental health checkups, share a piece from your notes app poetry you’re too shy to do otherwise, reminisce campus life, find common artists, look at the stars, sunsets, laugh at dumb memes and send cute animal pictures. 

Do either one, do all, or go above and beyond. If you’re not comfortable with that, you also have the option of an individual creative project which could be absolutely anything — send me a screenshot of a high score in a mobile game, show me around the Minecraft world you built during the first lockdown, the bracelet you made with your bead collection or even some pass time scrapbooking, nothing is ‘not creative enough.’ You got this.

Grading Rubric:

20% —  For not trying to suck up to the professor

30% — Sending the professor pictures of your pet/baby animals/anything meaningful that holds a special place in your heart

10% — Laughing at the professor’s bad jokes

40% — For not overworking yourself, taking sufficient breaks, staying hydrated, and eating well

Don’t worry about it, you’ll get an A. However, grades will be cut if found self-deprecating or being judgemental. It’s all positive and happy vibes here. So if you haven’t clicked opt-in already, I suggest you do so now. There’s a lot to learn here but there’s even more to experience. By the end of the semester, you will not only be as non-zombie-like as possible but will also start appreciating the small things you forget to do while staring at a screen for 8 hours. 

With that, I welcome you to FC-1111-1, I hope to see you in class from next week onwards.

Arohi Sachar

Ashoka '24

A walking talking day dreamer who runs on caffeine and likes to narrate stories like they are her own, Arohi is UG24 prospective Psychology major who loves dogs and cute stationery