Restock the Wardrobe 2018 Style

Hello 2018!

Surely, we’re all ushering in this glamorous New Year with dull diaries filled with pages of unachieved resolutions.

But don’t worry.

If updating your closet with the latest trends was one of the unchecked boxes on your list, happily cross it out! We at Her Campus, bring to you the styles that will rule the streets this year. From Vogue’s predictions to the ‘spotted!’ snaps of our beloved fashion icon, Kendall Jenner, we’ve picked up the most promising styles that aren’t just the momentary fad, but styles that are here to stay And most importantly, these suggestions are easy to pull off on the University campus. While some elements are comfortable enough to slip into your daily routine, others stand out and seem perfect for nights out with friends.

Above all else, each of these trends would help you make a fashion statement

1. Revival of the Carpenter Jeans

New year, new jeans. The Carpenter Jeans are a throwback to the 90s. But, teaming them with chicer tops and accessories makes them ultra-modern for the girls to show around!  Pairing them up with a fitted crop-top or an ill-fitted shirt makes a perfect outfit.

Time to move on from your old boyfriends as well as the old boyfriends jeans! 

2. The Bold Logos


We’ve often been afraid of brand iconography. While deciding between a prominently visible name and a subtle logo on the breast pocket, we usually choose the latter. But not anymore. Don’t shy away from being bold with your labels—let the name show!

3. Making Fitness a Lifestyle

The sporty look is the new formal. Wearing the Adidas striped lowers with a bandeau can be used as a look for a night out. On the other hand, the combination of the basic high rise teamed with a loose pullover or a bomber jacket completes the look for a sunny Sunday brunch.

4. Let it Sparkle

Teen Vogue said it all when they stated that "the sequins are no longer just for New Years Eve". Wear sparkle to make a statement, because it’s open season on sequins in 2018. Blingy dresses, sequined skirts worn with basic tees and sparkling tops—say yes to all! And don’t be afraid of the bold reds and shimmery golds. The louder the colour, the better the look is the motto this year.

 5. XXL Bling

Bling isn’t restricted to clothes this year. It’s taking over jewellery too! Accessorize a subtle dark outfit with these to complete a perfect formal look.The dangling, sparkling and shoulder-touching ear accessories are definitely back in style. When accessorizing a subtle dark outfit, the long earrings would be a substantial element in completing the look.

 6. The Re-defined Wing

Girls, it’s time to spread your wings! But this time, let’s modify the technique. Instead of making a sharply defined flake at the end thicken your eyeliner it and make it bolder. This intensifies the gaze and gives a new angle to the mainstream wing. It can be worn with a nude shade lip color and subtle makeup so that the eyeliner stands out as the major attraction.

    7. The Bulky Shoes

The ugly grandpa shoes that make your feet look bulky are the new Adidas Superstars. These chunky shoes aren’t going anywhere this season. Casual and easy to carry, they’re best worn with jeans that go below the ankle.

Edited by Devashree Somani

Images curated by Kangan Dhawan