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Read This FAQ To Get Even More Confused About FCs!

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ashoka chapter.

Edited by: Lavanya Goswami

What do the letters ‘FC’ mean?

The acronym FC stands for foundation course, and using such an acronym helps streamline the tedious process of archiving information. (It’s the first of the many random letter arrangements a student shall encounter in Ashoka. Perhaps the administrators are being very clever and making a pun, for FC can even stand for Foundational Crisis.) 

Why are the FCs named so?

Foundation courses seek to help the student build a strong base of knowledge in a discipline they seek to experiment with, or dive further into a discipline they are familiar with. (There are certain things that a student learns in FCs that shake up their very foundations: the student might have to write a hypothetical nomination letter to the Nobel Prize Committee, the student might have to write a four sentence paper on the existence of the self or the student might learn to accept the concept of incest. Endless possibilities for reworking a student’s mental foundations!) 

What are the learning outcomes of FCs?

The goal of a foundation course is to gauge a student’s interest in a specific subject. Taking such courses is a good way to know whether one can pursue further education in a particular field of study. (A FC makes a student question their chosen major and take a complete U – turn in their intended career; prior warning has been given.)

Are there any prerequisites for a FC?

No prerequisites are required for a foundation course. The courses have been structured to give basic information that will push a student to think critically and form evidence based arguments. (Yes: the student needs to know how to annotate, ask questions, read a lot and remember it all, speak in front of intimidating people, defend their views in a lecture of 100 people and, horror of all horrors, participate in class. Also, citations.)

How many FCs can I take in one semester?

A student must always seek to challenge themselves on their educational journey. They cannot be told what their actual abilities are and only they know their true potential. The number of foundational courses one takes per semester depends on their interests and course trajectory (Taking certain FC combinations like a science and a math FC in the same semester, is a student’s way of gauging their capacity to suffer tremendous amounts of mental strain) 

What would be a good score in a FC?

Each foundation course has been tailored as an apt introduction to college academics. The instructors are always ready to help the student if they face any difficulties, so worry not about grades. (Please, for all that is holy, learn emailing etiquette.)

Will a CBSE/State Board student be able to cope up with a FC?

The board of education a student belongs to has no effect on what they learn from a foundation course. These courses are all inclusive and a proper gateway to college academics.(All college students are Davids facing the Goliath known as college academics. Fall at the feet of the FCs’ teaching fellows irrespective of your educational origins). 

Will the FCs satisfy the prerequisites of the courses under my major?

Each major has a particular set of courses unique to themselves and the FCs cannot serve as a substitute. (Get used to the disappointment; only the stubborn and spiteful survive college.)

Can a waiver for FCs be obtained?

All nine foundation courses are a crucial part of the student’s academic journey. They cannot opt to skip any of these courses. (Look at it this way: the student is taught the social skill of small-talk, by learning a bit of something about everything).

What should I keep in mind while choosing a FC?

The nine foundation courses academic program offers a wide range of choices to a student. Literature, science, history, math- the student is free to take any FC that interests them. (Take FCs together with one’s peers do not underestimate the power of communal suffering.)

I like the course description of a FC, should I take it?

 If the description of the foundation course is liked by the student, then the student can very well choose to take it; the university has no role in the process of choice. (No, a FC cannot be held accountable for false advertising.)

What will be the medium of instruction for an FC — offline or online?

The necessary information shall be communicated to the student after a review of the current pandemic situation in the country. (A student must not give into the delusion of being called/returning to campus.)

Sthitee is a writer of the Her Campus Ashoka chapter's content team and an undergraduate student. She is a huge fan of coffee and loves talking about how awesome nature is. Bribing her with pictures of baby animals is very effective and she's always on the look out for book recommendations.