Queen Elizabeth: A Strong Monarch or A Bonded Woman?

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Netflix Originals presented its viewers with few really great TV series.The Crown is the story of Her Royal Highness, the Queen of England, Elizabeth II. The show is about the queen but it actually proves that the queen herself wasn’t empowered and had to listen to everyone around her to rule her country.The top reasons are-

  1. The queen was made to follow the Church in everything that she did, from her daily rituals to all her political decisions. Even though she was the monarch of a free country, she herself wasn’t free. She had the power to change the rules,but only in name.
  2. Her husband, Prince Philip, forced her to allow him to have extramarital affairs, if she did not want a divorce.She had absolutely no say in her own marriage.Being a monarch she succumbed to conventions and gave in to the concept of marriages and how they worked.
  3. Prince Charles, her son and the heir to the throne went to Prince Philip’s preparatory school.Elizabeth was not even allowed to choose her son’s school.She wanted to succeed in her marriage so desperately that she even agreed to see Charles suffer and also she had absolutely no other option.
  4.  The Prime Minister, who works with accordance of the Queen, in Elizabeth’s case did not work that way. Power blinded them and they for the sake of being Prime Minister let the entire monarchy and country down
  5. Her sister and mother thought she was blinded by power and did not wish to take any decisions in the favour of the royal family. But Elizabeth was boundby the rules of the reign and the protocols.
  6. She could not divorce her husband as she did not want to create a bad impact and being the head she could not be unmarried to rule a country.

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The points highlighted above emerge from reconstructed historical fiction but they indicate the deeper psychological processes of modern  politics.Today’s monarchs, of which Elizabeth is an undeniably important part,  are not  overpowering rulers, rather, titular heads ruled by political parties, religious centers or armies. The Crown is a well-constructed drama that explains this process at two levels: firstly, the molding of a future ruler with respect to outside forces, and secondly, the illusory empowerment bestowed upon her. She in fact does not wield any will or assertion in directing the course of history.Extending this to present politics, especially given that the U.S. has never had any female heads, one wonders about the deeper politics of subjugating women.

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