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Movies To Watch To Motivate You Through Mid Sem Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ashoka chapter.

Edited By: Aditi Jain (UG 22)

The weather is becoming cold and oversized sweatshirt season is right around the corner. Typically, this weather forecast serves as the perfect excuse to idle with friends on the mess lawns. However, for the few unfortunate souls who still have mid semester assignments to write, and mid semester quizzes and exams to cram for, here are some movies and TV shows. These will give you the motivation required for pushing through a couple of all-nighters.

Legally Blonde

It shouldn’t be a surprise that this movie is on the list. Elle Wood, after getting accepted into Harvard Law School and rejected by her ex-boyfriend, resolves to become the top student. This story plot is nothing short of remarkable. I know, I know, we are all feminists. But, if you say that the scene of Reese Witherspoon on the elliptical while doing her coursework doesn’t give you a sudden urge to get your life together, you lyin’ sis. 


The Mindy Project

Two things that I love about The Mindy Project: the hot guys Mindy (hello. Danny) dates and her fabulous New York Lifestyle. While it does not necessarily have many moments that can be considered ‘motivational’, I wouldn’t mind putting in a little extra effort into my paper if it means that I could afford the many Chanel bags Mindy always carries with her.


The Bold Type

This one’s new on the block. Just three seasons in (and another one in production, yesss), the ‘SATC with a modern, feminist kick’ vibes to this sitcom is exactly what everyone needs in their watchlist this year. Watch this show to see the three beautiful female leads figure out love and life while working at a fabulous women’s magazine. Personally, I love the scenes where they talk about their lives inside that dreamy Fashion Closet. Fun fact: the fictional women’s magazine shown in the show is modelled after Cosmopolitan and the show is inspired  by the life of its former editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles.



I mean that tagline says it all, Getting Straight A’s. Giving Zero F’s. Directed by Olivia Wilde, this movie is the perfect buddy-comedy. It will take you through a journey of various emotions- it’ll make you laugh, cry, make you fall in love, and make you go, “OH DAMN”. And, for the sake of this list, inspire you to get some of them A’s.


We can all agree that across all majors and foundation courses, midsems just suck. Who knows, maybe a binge-watching session or a movie night can help in driving away those mid seme blues?


Aakriti Sahu

Ashoka '21

Aakriti Sahu is an Economics and Media Studies student at Ashoka University. When she is not ranting about her new favourite tv show or movie, she is either sleeping or watching vine compilations on YouTube.