Michelle Phan Skin Care Routine: South Indian Edition


Edited By: Lasya Adiraj


Michelle Phan is a pioneer in the field of beauty youtubers. With around 9 million subscribers and over 1 billion viewers, she is one of the most popular and recognizable stars. Her skin care routines are widely shared and followed. In this article, we will be emulating Michelle Phan’s skin care routine by remodelling it to include the usage of South Indian natural products (which are available in every Indian household).




It is an amazing natural cleanser and exfoliator. Using Sunni Pindi (Herbal Bath Powder) while bathing has been a cherished age-old tradition in southern India, especially in Andhra Pradesh, which is where I’m from. It is often used as an alternative to soap. Sunni Pindi thoroughly cleanses and exfoliates your skin, leaving your skin smooth and soft (trust me!). 


Recipe: The main ingredient used in it is green gram flour, which is mixed with chickpea flour and rice flour to form the base of the powder. You can always add more skin-friendly herbs like Pasupu (Turmeric) if you want to. 

Tip: This is actually quite popular, you can find it in the stores or online with the same name.


How to use it: Add sufficient water to the powder and gently apply the mixture on your face and body. Leave it for about 5 to 7 minutes and then, wash it off. 


NOTE: Don't overuse it, because, as in the case of every kind of cleanser, it can result in dry skin if used extensively.  At first, try it out thrice a week to test it and then decide how often you would like to use it.




Now, just sit back and relax after applying the pack. Honey provides deep moisturizing for your skin and is also used to treat sunburns. Potato and tomato remove dead skin cells, lighten scars and treat dark circles. 


Recipe: You need a tomato, a potato and honey. You could also add strawberries or aloe vera. You can add a pinch of Pasupu (turmeric) as well. Blend the ingredients in a mixer and you can use the paste as per your requirement.


Tip: Preparing a new pack each time can be taxing. So, I usually make the pack in large quantities and store it in the form of small ice cubes. Pour the mixture into ice trays and you can use them as per your requirement. This process saves a lot of time!


How to use it: Apply the pack on your face. Leave it untouched for 20 to 25 minutes and then, wash it off. 




Toners help in maintaining a balanced complexion and PH-levels and also serves to support the rest of the routine. The toner helps in better absorption of the products we will be applying later. Apple cider vinegar is, hands down, the best natural toner. However, due to its acidic nature, it is not advisable for sensitive or dry skin. In that case, you can use Rose water instead. 




Next in the routine is the applying of natural serum. While orange flesh contains about 71 milligrams of vitamin C, the peel contains over 136 milligrams. Hence, the serum is rich in vitamin C which results in your skin feeling fresh and radiant. 


Recipe: Boil orange peels in water or rose water for about 10-15 minutes. Then, strain the mixture and pour the liquid into a container. The serum will last for about 6-7 days. If you want to store it for longer, pour the mixture into an ice tray and use the cubes as and when needed. 


How to use it: Use the substance after you apply your toner for best results. Leave it for about 5-10 minutes and then, wash it off.




The last and final step in Michelle Phan’s skincare routine is hydration. To hydrate your skin, use pala meegada (in Telugu) which is the top layer that forms on boiled milk also known as malai (in Hindi). It is also an age-old practice and is used in ceremonies as well. Along with hydrating your skin, it leaves you with smoother and a more balanced skin. 


How to use it: Lather you face with the layer and leave it overnight.


Apart from following these steps, it is necessary that we stay healthy on the inside. Keep your body hydrated by drinking water and cut down on unhealthy food. Exercise to build your strength and fitness. If we are healthy from the inside, it will be reflected on the outside. Practise any form of meditation to calm and uncomplicate your thoughts as Buddha once said,

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”