Jane the Virgin Season 3: Top Moments

Season 3 of Jane the Virgin is out on Netflix! This means hours of binge-watching in the room, the mess, or anywhere there’s good WiFi connection if you’re someone who loves this show. The previous two seasons have given us plenty of reasons to stay hooked- with the conflicts in Jane’s loves, her ups and downs as a romance novel writer, the journey of parenthood and of Mateo, and the best of the plot-twists in the cliffhanger of the previous season- Michael being shot and Anezka paralysing Petra and switching places with her! If you have not started season 3 yet, start as soon as you can (hopefully, you don’t have assignments due today) so that you can come back here and revisit five great moments of season 3 that you might have forgotten about, so that it feels like you’re watching it all over again

1. When Alex tells Jane and Rafael that Mateo shows no sign of trauma (e14)

Aah, the moment when they found out that their own harrowing experiences hadn’t deeply impacted Mateo. Made even better by Alex’s “Dude, you’re his hero”, this scene was beautiful, with Jane and Rafael were so relieved that they teared up.


2. When Jane calls Rafael up for advice in the middle of her date (e15)

When Jane gets back into the dating scene and realises that she isn’t yet ready to kiss again, the person she immediately reaches out to is Rafael. Whether or not you hope for Rafael and Jane to get back together, this was an undeniably sweet moment of their friendship which seems to be stronger than ever this season


3. Jane and Lina (e17)

After the awkward meetings between the two, one couldn’t help but wonder if they would be as good friends again. If you held out hope though, you couldn’t be more right! The scene in the bathroom where they finally talk openly to each other and sharing what they truly feel followed by them talking again and laughing- ah, just like old times!


4. Flashback to Jane and Petra deciding on Saturday brunch (e11)

Petra and Jane couldn’t be more different and have been through plenty of differences, but moments of solidarity between them like these- them being there for each other through hardship, couldn’t help but make us go yeeesss.

5. “Stay until I’m really asleep. Don’t sneak out.” (e18)

This scene captures a really well-handled situation by Jane and Rafael who tell Mateo the story of their family- without lying but without giving him more detail than he could probably understand. The three of them in the bed together, like the happy family that they are, couldn’t help but make us agree with the sentiment behind Mateo’s “I wish we all lived together”

What a roller coaster of a season this was! From Michael being shot, the joys in their marriage before his death, Rafael going to jail, and the time leap to three years later where they’re all dealing with their struggles, in their own ways. In all of this, sweet moments like these remind us of the heart of the show- love and togetherness. Revisit the show while you wait for season 4 to air on Netflix and you’ll come across many more moments like these!


Edited by Nayanika Guha

Photographic content curated by Sanjna Mishra