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It’s almost that time of year again. The overindulgence in the colours red and pink, heart-shaped items that would never be heart-shaped otherwise, and the murder of several unlucky roses. That’s right! Valentine’s day is right around the corner and people could not have more mixed feelings about this holiday. While some love it and go all out to make it an incredibly special day, others are boycotting it altogether. 

As far as cliches go, Valentine’s day is most definitely the epitome. I can’t deny that there are definitely some problems with the holiday. It is yet another example of a holiday that has fallen victim to consumerism. It has become less about the celebration of love and more about extravagant gifts and celebrations. “If you really loved them, every day would be Valentine’s day.” This is a line we’ve all heard a million times. For some people it feels wrong to only celebrate your relationship with someone on one particular day; the way you celebrate valentine’s day defines how much you value your significant other and your relationship with them. And finally, the worst fate of all – Not having a Valentine! A true nightmare. I’ve been single on Valentine’s day before, but let me tell you there are few things worse than having to sit through it fresh out of a breakup. It truly is like the entire world is shoving a knife into your back and twisting and twisting and twisting… you get the idea. That being said, I should make it clear I’m not a V-Day hater. I’m all for celebrating it with whomever you want to, however you want. So despite how it looks so far, I’m not actually here to tell you all the reasons why it’s the worst holiday of all. 

I feel like we’re at this point where holidays are just giant consumer traps. Companies like to cash in on the festivities and make us buy things we probably don’t actually need. Valentine’s day isn’t the only casualty in this commercial mess. Almost every festival meets the very same fate. What I feel makes festivals so special is the fact that everyone can choose how they want to celebrate. Rather than this festival defining anything about our relationships, we should be defining what they mean to us. To me, Valentine’s day is just an opportunity to pause and appreciate what you have and celebrate it because sometimes life gets busy and overwhelming and you forget to take in the little things. It doesn’t have to be a big, cheesy celebration unless that’s what you feel like doing, but more power to you either way. Whether it’s the classic flowers and chocolate dinner date situation, or just a “Happy Valentine’s Day” text, it’s valid either way. 

For my single gals, guys and non-binary pals, your annoyance is valid and if you choose to boycott the celebrations altogether, do you. It’s just another day, what’s the big ruckus about? Unless… Palentines Day!!! Valentine’s day is about so much more than just romantic love. It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your unconditional love for anyone in your life that you cherish. From your friends to your dog (or cat), anyone can be your Valentine. It’s not about being single or in a relationship, but about just taking a day to celebrate the good in life. 

That being said, Valentine’s day doesn’t even have to be about your love for someone else. You could celebrate yourself and the growth you made in the past year. You could spend the day on a date with yourself, too. Maybe take yourself out, or spend the day watching movies in bed with a whole bunch of chocolates. You could take the time to pamper yourself with a spa day or do absolutely nothing. There are endless options to choose from. 

It’s impossible to deny that a lot about Valentine’s day is extremely corny, but it’s not all bad. It’s a chance to let someone know you love and appreciate them, stuff your face with chocolate and celebrate companionship and self-love. Here’s to a very happy Valentine’s day with only positive energy and sweets. 

Arya is a content writer at Her Campus. She is a first year at Ashoka University planning to major in economics. She is from Bangalore, India and her hobbies include singing, writing and spending hours aimlessly at a cafe. She enjoys rock n roll music and is a huge dog person.
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