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From those that make your body gyrate to that catchy Punjabi music to those that make you cry your eyes out, the journey of discovering songs that just match your vibe is an art (I consider myself a beginner who scribbles outside the lines). 

It is a wonder to observe how each song carries numerous interpretations. One might find that the Pink Panther theme song just fits their vibe while another might listen to Shava Shava to chill out. Love songs (and their mere volume and depth) form the apex of auditory bliss. Some songs summarize the essence of what it feels like to fall in love, some make you question it, the rest make you bang your head against the wall for being single all along.

From an endless flurry of songs that have found a special place in my playlist, here are some personal picks to solve the quest of “If Popular Love Songs were Couples”:

1.      Mystery of Love (Sufjan Stevens)

–          Each half of this seemingly uncanny couple radiates extremely different vibes but their auras conjoin beautifully. No one can quite understand how, but this couple makes the best out of their differences.

–          In this relationship, one prefers coffee and the other tea, but they match it up with the choice of cookies. One pursues Economics, the other pursues Literature, but they both minor in International Relations. One listens to pop, the other enjoys Sufi, but they vibe to Jazz together. 

–          This mature couple that resorts to occasional leg-pulling by fighting over the last slice of pizza only to hand it over to the other in the end. Simply put, this couple is magnificent. *Chef’s kiss*

–        The Monica and Chandler of all couples. One can never foresee this relationship, but they end up being the cutest, always.

2.      Abhi Na Jao Chhodkar (Asha Bhonsle, Mohammed Rafi)

–          An old school couple, beyond the fast-paced dating world. To be accurate, living in the world of 80s Bollywood songs in the era of rap. 

– This couple cherishes the little things like making tea in the morning, playing their significant other’s favorite song on a car ride to the nearby grocery store, hiding small thank you notes in the lunch box.

–          Their relationship ages like fine wine, like Paul Rudd, if you may. They embrace the long pauses, know how to read a person like a book, and usually spend their Sundays watching a movie or taking long afternoon naps. Also, like cute little lovers, they wear color-coordinated attire, no matter how old they get. *ooof wholesome*

–          Being the Jim and Pam of couples, they somehow maintain the perfect balance (just like a bowl of perfectly cooked paneer butter masala).

3.      Aashiyan (Nikhil Paul George, Shreya Ghoshal)

–          This couple personifies the theory of “opposites attract.” With polar opposite tastes in everything, ranging from the shows to binge to the cuisine to order, this couple has its cherubic grace.

–          They fight over who gets to use the prettier mug, are terrible plant parents, and disagree on their pet preferences (you guessed it right! It’s usually a cat person against a dog person).

–          One can find them fighting on trivial matters, only to observe them making up for it the very next minute. It wouldn’t be wrong to call them the Jake and Amy of couples. 

4.      Hoshwaalon ko Khabar Kya (Jagjit Singh)

–          A relationship that took a long, long time to materialize (longer than the time needed to get over with all the FCs at Ashoka). With either person secretly liking the other, but being way too shy and overwhelmed by their emotions to confess their feelings.

–          Just like a slow-cooking yet sumptuous Biryani, this long “crushing” stage is however beautiful: embracing that special someone from afar, being cautious not to get caught, smiling upon seeing them smile, just desperately waiting for that one moment of eye contact.

–          As things progress, they usually pour their love out in ways both big and small. They are basically the Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky of the dating world and need just one happy accident to confess their feelings, and poof, there buds a beautiful, wholesome relationship just around the corner.

5.      Jaane Woh Kaise Log The (Hemant Kumar)

–          A tale of two old, unconventional lovers, separated by time but perpetually in love. This couple personifies the idea of meeting the right person at the wrong time. *insert sadness*

–         Visualize a person in their 60s, sitting on the balcony on a fine Sunday morning, reading the newspaper. Suddenly, they chance upon “the song”. That one nostalgia-arousing, comfortable yet painful, beautiful yet sad tune makes them travel down memory lane, reminding them of that special someone from their past (time just fails to diminish their love).

–          No matter how painfully long their separation might be, this couple carries endless unconditional admiration and hope in their hearts. What if, just one day they end up reuniting? *cliché but true*

–          The present just doesn’t seem to reflect the beauty of the past for them. They delve into the warmth and togetherness, the happiness and sorrows, and relish the taste of that long lost kulhad chai and burnt toast in the student canteen. The feelings, sounds, and smells are enough to paint a vivid picture of the time and memories that “could have been.”

6.      To Know Him Is To Love Him (Amy Winehouse)

–          The tale of unconditional love. Looking at this couple will make one crave a similar relationship.

–          This couple is a classic case of how one person just knows what the other wants, always. Literal soulmates. Needless to say, this couple plans the best parties for one another. 

–          Visualize this couple as two introverts who chance upon one another in a public library. They notice that the other is reading their favorite book. *once in a million lifetimes meet cute*

–          This would be a couple that prefers to cook Khichdi at home, write poetry, read out stories to one another, rather than going out to party. Sometimes, even getting out from under the blanket may be a task for them.

–         Radiating total Kevin and Caption Holt vibes, this couple aces the emotional and intellectual intimacy in their relationship.

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