Fitness or Taste: Do you have to choose?

Edited by: Ananya Khandelwal (UG 2021)

Do you constantly find yourself struggling to stay healthy on campus? Are planks, push-ups and hours of playing in the field not making you as fit as you aim to be? Well, it’s probably because of the late night cravings that lead you to the food-vending machine. Or maybe because of the endless lunches and dinners that you’ve spent munching on chips and oily burgers. Although you understand the importance of a healthy body, but after a long day of submissions, readings and quizzes, who would want to be served a plate full of watery lentils and undercooked rice from the mess? So you treat your hunger with deep-fried, spicy and tangy fries from The Hunger Cycle.

This trade off between comfort food and fitness is quite disheartening if you are a health freak. But don’t worry! We at Her Campus have five healthy and delicious alternatives to the mundane mess food and the oily pizzas – right here on our campus!


1. Dosai

Who doesn’t love South Indian cuisine? The warm and crispy dosas with the spicy sambhar make a perfect meal for the taste buds and the abs! You can choose from the wide variety of dosas, from the signature masala dosa to the chicken dosa! Idli and sambhar is also another healthy option to enjoy at Dosai. Just avoid the deep-fried vadas and you’ll be good to go!


2. Fruit Salad/Omelet

If you’re an early riser who works out the first thing in the morning, you need a rich breakfast to ensure you re-energise your body after the workout session.  A fruit salad from Hazelnut and an Omelet from The Hunger Cycle would give you just the right amount of Vitamins, Minerals and of course, the Proteins you need. Don’t forget the banana that you must eat soon after waking up!



3. Herb Roasted Paneer/ Chicken

Protein, Protein and more Protein!

The Hunger Cycle’s delicious Peri-Peri and Herb Roasted Paneer/Chicken is a delight for the stomach. Roasted in minimal oil with some spicy and flavored herbs, this dish is guaranteed to give you both the taste and fitness that you crave for. Don’t miss!


4. Chicken Tikka Panini/ Paneer Tikka Panini

Chit Chaat offers a lip-smacking Panini style sandwich for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Although it has some spicy mayo, you can avoid it and just enjoy the marinated chicken/paneer with some vegetables. The crispy toasted brown Panini bread is a treat for both the body and the soul!



5. Milkshakes

After a long workout on a hot summer day, we all crave a chilled, healthy drink to revitalize us. What’s a better option than a milkshake from Fuel Zone? You can skip the sugar and get yourself a delicious banana milkshake. Or if you’re lucky enough to reach before they run out of the mangoes, then definitely don’t miss the exotic mango milkshake!